Good Morning Natstown 5/19/15

Get excited for all the stars of the Yankees like...and...

There is hardly any Nationals news. Jayson Werth got an MRI and the Nationals are hoping for the best but knowing their luck with injuries he probably needs a new hand. Bryce Harper was named the NL player of the week for the second straight week in a row. Speaking about Bryce Harper's hot stretch it is the hottest such stretch since Larry Walker did it many moons ago. All the other news in baseball was eclipsed by the Marlins hiring of General Manager Dan Jennings as their new manager.

The Marlins really are great fun but don't forget that Miami has always been known as a hub of drug activity in America and there are a lot of new and exciting drugs down there like Flakka and Bath Salts. Who knows exactly what the Marlins are doing but we all know that the home run sculpture is some LSD drug fueled creation so why not the hiring of the new manager?

There really isn't all that much else to say. The Nats have been playing great, Bryce Harper is red hot, a new team store is opening, they haven't traded for Troy Tulowitzki yet, and the Nats are very close to taking first place from the Mets. It is a very exciting time to be a Nationals fan but that has been the case for a few years now. I've written that exact sentence before but time is a flat circle and we will always repeat our actions. The current state of the Nationals is night and day when compared to the dark days of 2008 or 2009. Those years were not that fun and we could have used some of those new Miami drugs.

Bryce Harper is crazy hot.

First place is within the Nats grasp.

The MASN case will never end.

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