Good Morning Natstown 5/20/15

The Z Man does it again hitting his tenth career walk-off home run.

What's your favorite Zim walk-off? I've seen several of them in person and my top three are the one on Father's Day against the Yankees in 2006, the one to open Nats Park in 2008, and one against the Phillies on Nyjer Morgan bobble head night in 2010. Everyone has a story and perhaps you'll get to here that when the Every Nats Game's a Story series completes its cycle.

I keep thinking that this offensive surge by the Nationals can't last. They are now scoring 5.05 runs a game. That gives them a crazy good offense and that is without Werth ever playing like himself and Rendon still missing in the Springfield Mystery Spot. It feels like it is all Bryce Harper but Wilson Ramos, Danny Espinosa, Yunel Escobar, and Denard Span are all playing out of their minds as well. Ryan Zimmerman has had a weird season. His overall slash line isn't good but when he's up with men on base he turns into the real Ryan Zimmerman.

Ryan Zimmerman has a .561 OPS with the bases empty and a .975 OPS with runners in scoring position. This might be because Zimmerman hits the ball hard up the middle a lot of the time and the positioning of the infielders changes with men on base or it is simply a sample size issue. I'd lean towards the second option as we all know that Ryan Zimmerman is a good player but it is odd to see him struggle so much without men on base and it gives his season a weird stats vs eye test feeling too.

I watch the games and witness Ryan Zimmerman always driving in runs or coming up big with runners in scoring position and I assume he's doing well and then I look at the stats and they aren't up to his normal levels of production. This one is easy to figure out. No one is going to remember Zimmerman striking out or popping out when no one is on base but they are going to remember him hitting a walk-off home run or bases clearing double. Zimmerman is a good player that often gets off to slow starts and heats up in June or July and I mean really heats up.

Just think about the second half of 2012 and what Zimmerman did for the Nationals then. There isn't some crazy clutch magic or anything going on. Baseball is a long season and it isn't even a third of the way over. The numbers will be there at the end for Zimmerman, but until then I hope he keeps choosing the most opportune times to get his hits.

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