Good Morning Natstown 5/21/15

The Nats are now 8-5 all time against the Yankees.

Bryce Harper's at bats have become appointment viewing and Marvin Hudson missed the memo. I guess he also missed the memo that Bryce Harper no longer has the rookie strike zone and that pitches at his ankles are balls. That is what set the whole thing off. Bryce Harper took a pitch that was low and Hudson called it a strike. Bryce Harper did what many players do and looked at the ground and expressed his displeasure with the umpire. Then Matt Williams started to express his concerns for the umpires eyesight from the dugout. Harper stepped out when Hudson did the unprofessional thing of taking off his mask and engaging Matt Williams.

Once the umpire takes the mask off someone is getting tossed and if the umpire engages the conflict then they're looking to toss someone. Bryce Harper has been a target for this in his career and umpires can get attention by tossing him so when Bryce Harper stepped out of the box while Hudson yelled at Matt Williams that was when Marvin Hudson decided to enforce the new pace of play rules in an interesting fashion. He demanded that Harper get back in the box and then didn't like the manner in which Harper did so and tossed him.

Here is the big thing. Marvin Hudson won because today we're talking about Marvin Hudson. Everybody wants to be famous and every baseball fan knows the name Joe West or Angel Hernandez. Good umpires go unnoticed while bad umpires get their names in the paper alongside the stars of the game. So what is the motivation to be a good umpire? Especially when there is no accountability. Marvin Hudson won't get fined or suspended or reprimanded in any way. Instead he gets rewarded. Last night Marvin Hudson made it about Marvin Hudson and right now I'm giving him what he wants.

As far as other Nats news goes Anthony Rendon has made people insane. He's begun baseball activities. He is throwing a baseball and hitting out of the cage. He hasn't taken live batting practice yet but I can't imagine that it's all that different than hitting in the cage as far as stress on the body goes. Rendon's slow healing ability does have people gun shy in their estimates of when he'll be back. Yesterday two different people that cover the Nats made predictions and one said mid-June and the other after the All-Star Break. On the normal timetable of a normal professional athlete Rendon would be two to three weeks from returning but with how he heals he could be two or three weeks from beginning a rehab assignment. The truth is saying anything other than he'll be back when he's back would be foolish at this point given how slow Rendon takes to recover.

Thomas Boswell writes on Bryce Harper which isn't as interesting as it was last season.

The Jordan Zimmermann change-up. Always good for a quick story.

The Nationals are the best drafting team of the last ten seasons.

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