Good Morning Natstown 5/22/15

Two off days in one week. This madness must end, soon.

Every Thursday I write a guest blog for, and every Thursday I get called a blithering idiot. That is why comment sections exist. To call writers blithering idiots. My point isn't this it is that one of the chief objections to my idea of the Nationals trading for Troy Tulowitzki is that the Nationals already have Yunel Escobar, Wilmer Difo, Tea Turner, and Danny Espinosa. First off Yunel Escobar isn't a shortstop anymore so he can be disqualified from this discussion but when did having too much talent become a bad thing, and isn't it in fact a good thing that in order for the Nationals to upgrade they need to replace a good player with a great one?

The Nationals are already a good team, maybe even a great one. If they keep playing like they have been they are going to end up once again with the best record in baseball, but that doesn't mean they can't get better or shouldn't try and get better. The reason all trade proposals are stupid is that it is impossible to judge a trade that hasn't happened. Which was another complaint to my idea of trading for Troy Tulowitzki, that it was going to take the farm, literally all of it.

I'm no expert but the general complaints about Troy Tulowitzki being too injured and too expensive should lower his trade value. I have no idea what exactly it would take to get him but Justin Upton was younger, less expensive, and less injured when he was traded to Atlanta and the Diamondbacks got nothing back for him. With the money being taken on and the injury risk it is hard to imagine Troy Tulowitzki taking a lot to trade for, but then again he is a shortstop with a career .985 OPS and unquestionably one of the best players of the current decade.

Let's replace the name Troy Tulowitzki with Andrew McCutchen or Buster Posey and do you think the Nats shouldn't add those players because they have Denard Span, Michael Taylor or Wilson Ramos, Pedro Severino? The Washington Nationals are in the business of winning and any move that helps them win is a good move. I've always said that if a move leads to a World Series it isn't a bad move. If the Nats were to trade Lucas Giolito, Reynaldo Lopez, and Michael Taylor to the Reds for Alrodis Chapman that would be a terrible trade but if Drew Storen and Alrodis Chapman didn't allow a run in any eighth or ninth inning in the playoffs and the Nats won the World Series then I wouldn't complain about the move.

The interesting issue the Nats have had the last few seasons is they have nowhere to upgrade. The only reason the Nationals even added Asdrubal Cabrera last trade deadline is Ryan Zimmerman was out for most of the rest of the season. Otherwise they would have had nowhere to play Cabrera and thus no need for him. The Nationals have good players at every position right now with Werth and Rendon on the DL. When those two come off the DL they're going to replace Michael Taylor and Danny Espinosa in the line-up.

The Nats don't have to do anything to get better. They are already very good, but they could be better and as I've said many times the Nats are more like a movie villain than hero. Why does Magneto rip RFK from the ground and fly it around DC? Is it because he needs to do it or because he wants to? An ancient Greek historian once wrote, "The strong do what they can and the weak suffer what they must." The Washington Nationals are an apex predator of the NL and if they see an opportunity to get better they should take it, and not because they have to but because they want to.

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