Good Morning Natstown 5/28/15

There is going to be a time during the season when we want an off-day, but today is not that day.

Let's stop for a second and admire the brilliance that is Max Scherzer. Watching him pitch reminds me of when Cliff Lee was active. They both could make the baseball do things that should be impossible. A baseball shouldn't be able to be thrown in one direction, change direction half way to the plate, and then reverse course again at the last second. Max Scherzer is a strikeout artist in every sense of the term and watching him pitch is watching a master at work.

Max Scherzer didn't win the game all by himself last night. Bryce Harper hit home run 18 and Danny Espinosa continued to contribute in surprising fashion while the bullpen held together because of Casey Janssen and Drew Storen. Most of the moves people have criticized Matt Williams for I think 90% of managers would've done, but playing match-ups in a two run game when your setup man is available is not one of them. Joe Madden pinch hit for Coghlan but I can see the logic behind wanting to play the platoon advantage but I'd rather the Nationals play the talent advantage and put the better reliever on the mound in that situation.

Aside from that small hiccup the game was flawless. Max Scherzer started and dominated, Bryce Harper walked twice and hit a bomb, and Storen shutdown the ninth inning. For the most part the Nationals are Harper, Scherzer, and Storen. Max Scherzer leads all starting pitchers with a 3.0 fWAR, Bryce Harper leads all position players at 3.7, and Drew Storen is tops in the NL at 1.0. That is 7.7 combined fWAR from three players. The entire Phillies team has amassed 4.3 fWAR. The next time the Nats play the Phillies they could just send Harper, Scherzer, Storen onto the field and win or that is how this would work if this were a card game.

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