Good Morning Natstown 6/1/15

Much like Washington in the 1950's the Nats couldn't stop the Reds menace.

That was not a good series for the Nationals. They lost all three games, Strasburg finally admitted there was a problem and headed to the DL and Bryce Harper was hit in the back with a 93 MPH fastball and to some people was the bad guy. I can understand why some people think this way. They are far from correct in the matter but I understand their logic. Bryce Harper is an extremely talented individual, and you don't earn genetic gifts. Bryce Harper was born better than most baseball players get a chance to be, and if there is one thing the average baseball fan respects it is hard work.

Look at how much people latched onto Steve Lombardozzi. He is the opposite of Bryce Harper in many regards. He was born with far more athletic ability than the average person but far less than the average baseball player and he made the major leagues due to hard work and dedication. Bryce Harper works very hard and that is why his natural talent has taken him as far as it has in such a short amount of time. Bryce Harper is a four year major league vet that happens to be 22 years old. Bryce Harper is younger than several of the top prospects in the game, but he's in the majors putting up MVP numbers. Bryce Harper never had to struggle through the minor leagues, he never had to struggle through high school or college either. In some people's minds Bryce Harper popped out of the womb, into a Nationals uniform, and onto a major league field. He never paid his dues.

Players aren't supposed to be as good as he is. He is making other players look bad, and so baseball has to police itself because Bryce Harper can't be this good. He can't be allowed to put up numbers the baseball world hasn't seen since Pujols was in his prime or Barry Bonds. It's just not fair to the good hardworking players that didn't hit the DNA lottery. That is really what this is all about with Bryce Harper, jealousy. Every baseball player past the college level is a genetic marvel and Bryce Harper is as far above them as they are above normal people, and they can't handle that. Bryce Harper has to be put in his place.

If that refrain sounds familiar it is because it is. An unnamed veteran (Kevin Frandsen) told Thomas Boswell last season that Bryce Harper wasn't liked in the Nationals clubhouse because he hasn't earned his fame. Bryce Harper has broken the biggest unwritten rule of sports. He never paid his dues and that means occasionally pitchers, umpires, and first basemen are going to treat him like he's an oath breaking pest. Baseball is a brotherhood and Bryce Harper never passed the rights of initiation.

Dan Uggla is a hugger.

Your first Stephen Strasburg is just like Mark Prior take.

To be the best the Nats are eventually going to have to beat the best.

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