Good Morning Natstown 6/2/15

It's like a bonus off-day when you're already late.

Let's talk about Ryan Zimmerman. His .228/.286/.381 batting line isn't good. In fact it is downright bad and especially worse because Zimmerman is now a first baseman. Now Ryan Zimmerman gives meaning to the phrase they call it an average for a reason. Zimmerman is a slow starter and normally he would have hit the DL sometime in mid-April or May and just now be working his way back from injury, but he has been one of the healthy Nationals.

Ryan Zimmerman's June numbers aren't good, but June is typically the month he's working to get his timing back from his recent DL trip. The fact still remains that for his career Ryan Zimmerman has an OPS of .697 in the month of June and we likely have to wait another month to get blistering hot Zim, but check this out. In the first half of the season for his career Ryan Zimmerman has a .780 OPS and in the second half .869. When the temperature heats up so does Zim's bat, and hopefully because he didn't have his customary DL trip and the weather is warmer this year it happens sooner rather than later.

There is some good news with Ryan Zimmerman. While he hit about the same in May as he did April and nothing is on the rise yet he does have a .248 on the season which is well below his career average of .315. Zimmerman has hit into some bad luck and has an .819 OPS with men on base and with Yunel Escobar and Bryce Harper batting in front of him he's had plenty of men on base.

Ryan Zimmerman is a good hitter and eventually his stats will come around to reflect that. It happens ever year. Ryan Zimmerman is going to get so blistering hot that we're all going to forget his early struggles and just enjoy watching him play, and the biggest bonus of all would be if Zimmerman's hot streak comes with Bryce Harper continuing to put up ridiculous numbers and Anthony Rendon back in the line-up.

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