Good Morning Natstown 6/5/15

It's a shame that life doesn't come with a bullpen.

The MLB replay system is a joke. I was for replay because getting the calls right is important. The umpires shouldn't have influence over the game on the field. The problem before replay was that too many calls were being made incorrectly and we had the technology to look at those calls and make corrections, but the actual problem was calls were being made incorrectly and there was accountability.

If you were to get hired for a job and then proceed to make a mockery of it you'd be fired. If Joe West or Angle Hernandez or CB Bucknor go out on a baseball field and impose their will over a game there are no repercussions. Those are the three worst umpires in baseball. Everyone knows it and everyone has known it for years, and yet here we are with them still on baseball fields still making a joke of the game. One of the reasons people didn't like steroids in the game is it made a mockery of the sport. Well bad officials do the same thing.

There was a very simple solution to the issue. MLB needed to have more accountability. They needed to clean out the bad umpires, then to announce suspensions and fines for egregious errors by the umpires, and third they needed a fifth umpire in every stadium watching the replays who could quickly and discreetly let the crew chief on the field know when an incorrect call had been made.

The current replay system exists more to protect umpires' egos than to get calls right. Joe West made a bad call. Danny Espinosa was safe on his steal of second and because Joe West got this call wrong and the replay in New York decided to protect Joe West instead of getting the call right when Bryce Harper was safe by more than a foot but was called out there was no way for the correct call to be made. That's the big problem with replay.

It shouldn't be in the hands of the teams. The umpires exist as impartial judges of the rules and yet they're anything but impartial. They are loyal only to pretending to be right instead of actually being right. in any job that is 99% judgement calls there are going to be times when you're wrong, and the people that are good at their jobs won't have a problem admitting that they're wrong. The problem with MLB is too many umpires aren't good at their jobs and they are somehow protected beyond that of any player. The players union can't stop a DFA or release of a bad player to make room for a prospect from the minors. The same should be true for the umpires union. What MLB needs more than replay is accountability.

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