Good Morning Natstown 6/10/15

Eventually the losing will stop but it would be best if it were today.

The Nats bullpen has been an issue for much of the season. Outside of Drew Storen no one has really done there jobs. Matt Williams takes a lot of the blame but using Matt Thornton or Casey Janssen in different ways won't make them any younger and using Blake Treinen or Aaron Barrett in different ways won't make them more experienced. The problem is the Nats bullpen lacks talent. Some of this, a lot of it, has to do with injuries. Losing Craig Stammen was a blow, just as Roark was getting put in more high leverage situations as a reliever he was needed as a starter, and the one young reliever who looked great, Sammy Solis, also got hurt.

This isn't a matter of Mike Rizzo's construction or Matt Williams' deployment. This is about the talent in the bullpen. When the Nats lost Tyler Clippard and then Craig Stammen they no longer had that second guy with experience who isn't too old. Or someone in the prime of their career. This also isn't an issue that can't be fixed. The Nats are allowed to make trades, but unfortunately no one in baseball does that until 5 minutes before the trade deadline and by then it might be too late.

It might be the time to go ahead and spend a little more in prospects early to get a player for an entire extra month and a half. The Nats certainly need help in the bullpen and the longer they wait the less use that help will be. Not only can the Nats bullpen not hold leads they also can't hold ties. Who out there didn't think Tanaka vs. Scherzer was going to be a tight well pitched game? The Nats had it tied but then brought in the bullpen and that was the end of any hope they had.

People joke about Matt Williams having a reliever for each inning but this year he hasn't. There are no defined roles in the Nats bullpen and it isn't because Matt Williams is innovative and deploying his most talented relievers when they're best needed. Nope. It's because Matt Williams only has one talented reliever and Drew Storen can't pitch three innings every night for the rest of the season.

The Nats have thrown plenty of crap against the wall in the hope it would stick and very little of it has. It is time to forget about the rookies and the youngsters and go out and make a trade for a set-up man or closer so at least the eighth and ninth inning or secured and then maybe, just maybe, a third reliever will step up and the Nats can have the seventh locked down as well. Who the hell am I fooling? Nothing is going to happen until the trade deadline and it will be some boring trade for a reliever no one has ever heard about or who was good three seasons ago.

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