Good Morning Natstown 6/12/15

The struggle continues and will never end. The Nats bullpen cannot be stopped.

What's your feeling when the bullpen doors swing open. Mine is a since of dread and horror at what I know is to come, and it appear Matt Williams feels the same way. For three straight games he's chosen to stick with a tired starter over a bad relief pitcher and every time it didn't work. Matt Williams is currently living the saying that the right move is the one that works but no move he makes could work. The Washington Nationals are not in a good position and it's all because they need a way to get the ball from the starters to Drew Storen.

There is a segment of people out there that are under the impression that paying for relief pitching is a bad idea. That is only half true. Overpaying for relief pitching is bad. A good reliever is going to be around 1.5 to 2.0 fWAR and if you want to go by that then a good relief pitcher is worth $9 to $12 million. David Robertson this past offseason signed for four years $46 million. Not out of the range of what he should earn based on his contributions to the team.

The Nationals can't go back in time and not trade Tyler Clippard or sign a better reliever in the offseason, and Yunel Escobar has been more valuable on offense than Clippard would've been in the bullpen. The Nationals aren't just one reliever down. The Nats are going to need more than one quality reliever to make it to the end of the season with the playoffs as a real possibility. Think of the Nats none Storen division bullpen as such.

The Nationals have played 60 games and have 102 left. If the starting pitching averages six innings a game in those 102 games then they're going to need 306 innings from the bullpen and 30-40 of those will go to Drew Storen. So the Nats need well over 200 innings from a bunch of relievers that amount to the equivalent of Yunesky Maya or Garrett Mock. That simply isn't going to cut it and perhaps David Carpenter is a step in the right direction and Sammy Solis is in the minors healthy now so hopefully he'll be back soon and things will start to improve, but as it stands right now the Nationals are winning innings 1-6 and failing miserably in all others.

Bryce Harper likes to hit the ball the other way.

John Feinstein is a moron.

Ryan Zimmerman's slump isn't all injury.

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