Good Morning Natstown 6/15/15

The Nationals won two games in a row. Does anyone remember what that's called?

The last couple days of the weekend were good. Joe Ross pitched eight innings of two run ball, the Nationals officially acquired Trea Turner, and Max Scherzer damn near had a perfect game and might have come up with something better. Nope. I'm sorry but this is were I do not agree with certain statistics. What Max Scherzer did was special and it should be remembered as a great game. It was one of the best pitched games I've ever seen. The Brewers had absolutely no chance and Carlos Gomez's bloop single was a lucky hit. Scherzer won that battle, but he wasn't perfect.

Some luck is required for any perfect game, and it wasn't on the side of Max Scherzer yesterday. 16 strikeouts and no walks is amazing and belongs in a category all itself, and when people list the best pitched games of the last few seasons this will be one of them, but it wasn't perfect and it is my opinion that perfect games and no-hitters still deserve a special place in baseball lore. So much of the modern media is devoted to tearing down the mystic of baseball. Baseball should be magical and a perfect game should be the holy grail of pitching performances.

The other big highlight from this weekend is Bryce Harper missed his second game of the season due to being hit by a pitch. Max Scherzer answered in a nice way by taking the ball and ramming it down the Brewers throats. You don't always have to retaliate with violence to retaliate. Sometimes you can just go out there and prove your superiority. I don't want Bryce Harper to keep getting hit and the Nationals can't allow it to happen. The next time the punishment has to be swift and direct. Tyler Moore must run in from the bench and deliver a punishing shoulder tackle to whatever pitcher dared to hit Bryce Harper. That should be message enough and finally a use for Tyler Moore.

Max Scherzer's game score of 100 puts him in some good company.

Forget the Yankees. Bryce Harper is going to LA.

Thomas Boswell agrees with us. Run for the hills.

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