Good Morning Natstown 6/17/15

It is at last a good morning in Natstown. May the sun never set again.

I don't know what the best part of last night was. Not one, but two position players pitched against the Nationals and Bryce Harper continued his dominance at the plate. The transformation of Bryce Harper into not just an MVP candidate but a player from another planet has been the best thing to watch this season. Max Scherzer has been good but he only pitches every fifth day whereas Bryce Harper plays every game. Bryce Harper at bats can't be missed. They always feel intense and exciting. There is always the feeling that something is about to happen.

Bryce Harper has a 1.216 OPS. That is insane. The last player to finish the season with an OPS that high was Barry Bonds in 2004 when he had a 1.422 OPS. Bryce Harper is reaching a level that we haven't seen a player at in quite some time. There is a lot of baseball left to be played and there is a good chance that Bryce Harper can't keep up this pace, but there's also the chance that he does. If he is able to finish the season with numbers close to what he has through June 16 then we're talking about an all time great season.

It's still only June and the Nats are in second place, but they have plenty of games left against the Mets and plenty of games left overall to make up the 1.5 game deficit. I'm not one to believe in turning points but I am one to believe in good stretches and bad stretches and let's hope that the Nats winning three of their last four games means that the recent bad stretch has come to an end and the Nats are about to go on another tear. It won't be as long as the one in May, but then maybe they won't have a losing stretch as bad as April and early June again this season.

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