Good Morning Natstown 6/19/15

Remember May? That was nice. Can it be May again, forever?

There is no way to sugar coat this. The Nats season is over. When they said it was a mild hamstring strain and they needed to reevaluate Harper in the morning they meant they had no idea how bad it was other than the hamstring is still attached to the bone. They are hoping against hope that Harper walks in feeling much better and maybe only has a slight limp and just needs to sit on the bench for a couple days, but more than likely this is going to mean a trip to the DL and the struggling Nats will get even worse.

Losing Harper for any extended period of time is something this team can't handle. They are already down Werth and Zimmerman and Rendon doesn't have his timing back yet and Ian Desmond looks mystified at the plate. If there is any part of the team that can carry the Nats through this it is the rotation, but they won't. Max Scherzer has exceeded all expectations but at the same time is the only pitcher on the starting staff who is at least meeting them. It's very difficult to even give the Nationals a chance without Harper. They were likely to get swept by the Pirates to begin with but now it's a certainty. Get ready for those Jordan Zimmermann to the Dodgers rumors to kick into high gear because the Nats 2015 season came to an end last night.

Human interest story Clint Robinson.

Span and Escobar shouldn't be forgotten.

The End.

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