Good Morning Natstown 6/23/15

There are very few things that can interrupt our enjoyment of Harper's historic season; Marvin Hudson, out of control relievers, and off-days.

Welcome to the morning after an off day. As you can guess there is very little to add to what was said yesterday. Professional sports talking people of the local variety were once again complaining about the Nats offense last night and so I looked up the numbers and they're still second in the NL in runs per game. Then someone asked me for the breakdown compared to average teams. It's almost a dead even split between the times the Nationals have score three or fewer runs or four or more runs but when they get above four runs they have scored seven or more runs 17 times. So when the Nats are scoring an above average amount of runs they are really pouring it. I'd like to add here that I don't know if this information is meaningful, useful, or even interesting.

There really isn't that much going on with the Nationals. There was some story about them being interested in Diamondbacks middle infielders but that probably has something to do with the bench and not with finding a permanent second baseman or shortstop. Rendon's bat is going to get going at some point and the Nats have Danny Espinosa if Desmond continues to struggle, but they don't have much on the bench. With Espinosa playing somewhere every day the Nats don't have a back-up for any of their infield positions and that was probably what they were looking for from the Diamondbacks, and the Diamondbacks have shown they haven't gotten smarter after firing Kevin Towers so they are a team you want to trade with.

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