Good Morning Natstown 6/24/15

Either you fell asleep and missed the game or you're really tired this morning.

There was a time where if I started watching a Nats game I had to finish it and when I tuned in at 9:15 last night I was fully prepared for a long evening but then I just fell asleep. I woke up later and saw all the alerts from MLB on my phone and was expecting to see a back and forth slugfest but it was a 3-1 win by the Nationals. A fairly easy victory as far as baseball victories go. MLB alerts just likes to tell you way too much information in the most not funny way possible.

In the couple innings I watched of Strasburg his delivery was much smoother than it had been before he went on the DL but he still was throwing too many pitches and only managed to pitch five innings. For some reason this year Strasburg isn't getting the swings and misses that he did in previous season. Hitters have trouble timing him but they are able to just foul off pitch after pitch. Hopefully that is something that will work itself out and that this was a step in the right direction instead of Strasburg facing a line-up without its most productive player.

It was interesting to listen to Bob and FP fawn all over the Braves offense because they don't strike out as much. The Braves are averaging 4.20 runs a game this season which is good enough for sixth in the NL and an improvement over the 3.54 they scored in 2014 but about the same as the 4.25 from 2013. Strikeouts aren't an indicator of offensive output and yet it is often the first thing analysts and fans look at when talking about a teams offense. This is one of those areas where the simplest and most tradition stat is the best. The best offense is the one that scores the most runs. How they do it is inconsequential as long as the runners are crossing home plate.

Kevin Towers in Arizona became obsessed with having a team that didn't strikeout and that isn't what got him fired. His constant need to trade a third baseman for a shortstop and then a shortstop for a starting pitcher and then a starting pitcher for a third baseman is what got him fired. Major league clubs have better math than we do and maybe strikeouts are a problem but they don't correlate to offensive production and there are way too many people that don't realize this.

In some very sad and shocking news Kimberly Knorr, the wife of Randy Knorr, has passed away.

Max Scherzer worth more than what the Nats are paying him.

Bryce Harper talks about being naked.

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