Good Morning Natstown 6/26/15

The Nats are rolling and there are nothing but blue skies.

When you've been busy for awhile any day that isn't completely full feels like a precious miracle. Yesterday was one of those days for me and in the past going to a baseball game would've been a wonderful way to spend a day like that. Except now I-66 has somehow gotten much worse than it was before, all the parking lots around Nats Park are full of commuters at 4:00 PM, and it always feels like you're sitting near some know it all that really knows nothing but won't shut up. At one game I was at someone explained the scoring of a 3U as the hitter made it to third base but was still out. So when the line-up came out and there was no Bryce Harper all the other factors at work got to me and I decided to stay home.

The Nationals then played a great game. Everyone in the line-up got hits and the pitching continued to be masterful setting a new franchise record for scoreless inning streaks by a starting pitcher. Tonight Max Scherzer pitches against Philadelphia and I'm not certain I've looked forward more to a game in a long time. Max Scherzer is coming off the most dominant back to back starts in major league history and has a chance to become just the second pitcher in major league history to throw back to back no hitters. The chances of it happening are slim but damn if I don't think this is the best chance there's been in a long time. Max Scherzer has been so good he makes you believe the impossible is probable.

There was a report that came out yesterday saying that the Nats would be reluctant to add payroll at the trade deadline. This was based on the fact that the Indians paid all of Asdrubal Cabrera's salary last season. Think about that for a second. The Indians paid all of Asdrubal Cabrera's salary and only received Zack Walters in return. The Indians gave Asdrubal Cabrera away. If someone curbs a couch and you're the one that takes it you don't track down the person and pay them a $100 for a couch they were trying to give away for free. If the Nats did pay Asdrubal Cabrera's salary the Indians wouldn't have even gotten Zack Walters. That trade likely doesn't happen if the Nats paid Cabrera's salary because the Indians were interested in at least getting a living breathing baseball player back in the deal instead of just cash.

Each year at the deadline is different. In 2012 the Nationals had a glaring and obvious need at catcher and took on the overpriced contract of Kurt Suzuki, in 2013 the only move they made was to add bench help in the form of Scott Hairston, and in 2014 they add Asdrubal Cabrera because Ryan Zimmerman went down with injury. If Zimmerman doesn't get hurt just before the deadline in 2014 the Nationals make no deal. 2015 is much more like 2012 in the fact that there is a glaring and obvious need and if payroll has to be added to fill it I'm certain the 2015 Nationals will act much like the 2012 Nationals and do it.

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