Good Morning Natstown 6/29/15

The Nats winning streak ended and they were .500 on the day yesterday.

I still don't know what the Phillies are doing. Their front office is a bigger debacle than Jeff Francoeur attempting to throw a ball in from right field. No one can say what is going on over there but Ryne Sandburg was smart to get out when he did. He ended last season being thought of as a good manager in a bad situation but the tide was starting to turn against him and people were starting to see him as a bad manager making a bad situation worse.

I don't really know how you manage the joke of a roster that is the Philadelphia Phillies. The smart thing to do would be not to take the job but there are only 30 manager jobs in baseball and it's an opportunity to prove you can do what no one thinks possible. The Phillies are about to become an even bigger mess with Andy MacPhail coming in as team president to team with Pat Gillick and ignore the fact that Ruben Amaro Jr. is still the GM. Maybe if enough good baseball minds are Ruben Amaro Jr.'s boss he'll actually start making good baseball moves, or I don't know maybe one of the multiple team presidents will fire the guy that has screwed up the team.

The Nationals won another series after running their win streak to eight in a row, but with how they've played so far this season they are now about to start a nine game losing streak. Who can tell. The Friday game of the Phillies series was comical in how many Nationals ended up missing. Anthony Rendon ended up on the DL, Harper was given another day off, Span was scratched with back spasms, and then Yunel Escobar was hit in the wrist and had to leave the game. Trapper John M.D. never took care of as many wounded as the Nationals have, and yet they're still in first in the division. If the Nationals are able to overcome all these injuries then Matt Williams will be more deserving this season of the manager of the year award than he was last season.

Max Scherzer is the current favorite for NL Cy Young.

How good can Bryce Harper be? The never ending discussion.

Michael Taylor and his adjustments at the plate.

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