Good Morning Natstown 7/2/15

Happy first day of the international signing period.

What is going on around baseball? Every time you turn around a team is firing a manager or a GM or a GM or manager are resigning or a GM is becoming a manager. This has been a crazy season with firings around baseball. This season serves as the best example of how it fixes nothing. The Brewers were the first team to fire their manager and they went from being bad to still being bad. The same with the Marlins. The Padres fired Bud Black not that long ago and their fortunes haven't changed. Managers just aren't that important. They can move the pieces around the chess board but if all you've got are pawns then you're going to lose.

Today is the first day of the international signing period. There are a couple Cubans that the Dodgers can now sign and then the standard menagerie or Dominican and Venezuelan teenagers who will sign and we'll never hear from again, and if we do hear from them again we will all forget where they came from and they'll all just be prospects. If the draft is a list of names to most people the international signing period is a list of names that appear to be the combination of two current major league players. Like Yadier Alvarez, the Cuban pitcher, he isn't Yadier Molina or Pedro Alvarez but his name is a combination of the two, and every prospect signed today will sound just as made up.

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