Good Morning Natstown 7/3/15

If this is technically the day off for the fourth should I even be writing this?

After low scoring games the narratives are always the same. Especially road games where the Nats lose on a walk-off loss that is a result of a fluke play. Everyone wants to attribute a reason to every loss and it's never good enough to say that on that night the opponent was simply better or luckier. On Thursday night the complaint was either the Nats needed to score more runs or the ump had screwed the Nats. I'm not really sure when the Nats should have scored all these runs as the Braves pitching did an excellent job of keeping them off base and the one run the Nats did get involved a bit of luck.

I find no use in complaining about the Nats offense from Thursday night because it wasn't that the Nats offense wasn't good it was that the Braves pitching was good. The Nats pitching happened to be just as good and the fact that Max Scherzer entered the ninth at 92 pitches and was still on the mound would have given the Nats the advantage had the game made it to extra innings but an infield single, a sac bunt, and a chopper over the third base bag later and the Braves had won and that was it.

This was just one of those games where the team that got the first break was going to win. Runs were hard to come by for both teams and the Braves ended up being the team that got the break. If you're looking for a pure loss this is the closest you'll find. It wasn't like the Nats had runners all over the bases and just couldn't drive them in or Matt Williams elected to bring in Felipe Rivero for the ninth inning or anything like that. This was simply a loss and with the Nats extreme streaky nature they'll probably only win one other game until the middle of the month and then go on another eight or nine game win streak.

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