Good Morning Natstown 7/10/15

The Nats are back in action tonight against the team of Peter Angelos.

I mentioned last night how I thought that Bryce Harper, Max Scherzer, Drew Storen and the replacements could win the NL East but that they wouldn't stand a chance in the playoffs. This got an interesting reaction. My main point was with the trade deadline approaching the Nationals have a chance to better the team and have a little insurance in case players don't come back from injury or if they come back an end up right back on the DL like Span, Rendon, and Werth have already done this season.

It is my opinion that the Nats need something. Even if it turns out that they have a player that should be starting on the bench in the playoffs so what. Having too many good players is never a problem. I only got a mild hint that some of the opposition was the age old trading away the future worry. If I'm looking at the Nats farm system and trying to predict who won't be traded I'd start with the guys the Nats need, but that only makes someone unlikely to be traded. If the right offer comes along anyone can go. Those offers are unlikely to be out there at the trade deadline. This isn't a time to trade for good young players. It is instead the time to trade for major league veterans.

Teams have shown less and less of a willingness to trade for rentals over the years and therefore the price has gone down. Last trade deadline got off to a hot start when the A's traded Addison Russel and others for Jeff Samardzija and Jason Hammel. It was somewhat a trade for a rental but also for a player with one more year of control but the A's gave up a top ten prospect in all of baseball. After that no more top prospects went anywhere. Hardly any prospects were traded at all. The Rays traded the best player available at the deadline in David Price and ended up with Nick Franklin and Drew Smyly, and Price had an extra year of control. While Ben Zobrist is going to be a hot commodity this deadline it's doubtful that he's going to bring back much more than a couple mid-level prospects or major league bench players.

All slumps end. Even Ian Desmond's.

Jayson Werth has made the Non-Stars.

Why is the trade deadline off to a slow start?

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