Good Morning Natstown 7/14/15

Who's ready to see home field advantage in the World Series decided by an exhibition game?

After tonight's game ends and the Reds are finished showcasing their players to their home fans there is a chance trading season kicks off. The Reds are out of contention and have a lot to deal. I want to say that if they're smart they will deal them all but that isn't all on them. Opposing GM's sometimes decide that they aren't going to offer much for a player or that that player isn't worth the asking price and so that player is not traded, like Cole Hamels with the Phillies. The Reds should get good prospects for everything they have to trade.

I've been saying it for weeks that the Reds and Nats line up well for a trade. The Nats have a deep farm system and have the ability to give up good prospects without having to trade players they are going to need themselves next season. Between Joe Ross, AJ Cole, Lucas Giolito, Reynaldo Lopez, and Erick Fedde the Nationals have five legit pitching prospects, and as we've seen before the reluctance of other teams to part with young pitching has benefited the Nationals. The Nationals could part with a couple of those prospects at the deadline and still have a strong farm system.

The main goal for the Nationals at the trade deadline should be to hang onto Joe Ross, Trea Turner, and Lucas Giolito while adding a solid back of the bullpen arm and insurance bat in case the injured players don't return as well as we are all hoping. That is where the Reds come in. Aroldis Chapman and Todd Fraizer fit the Nats perfectly. Especially since they are both under contract for next season as well. I have no idea what exactly Walt Jockety would want in return but I do know it would be costly. I believe the Nats could pull off the trade without trading Ross, Turner, or Giolito but it will be a lot of other names and names that you've still heard of, and the trade will only be judged a success if the Nats win the World Series.

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