Good Morning Natstown 7/15/15

Two off days after two showcase events. The only good thing is the Nats get time to heal.

We knew this was coming. Camden Yards is a sacred cow to many people. It is one of the most aesthetically pleasing parks in major league baseball, but that doesn't mean it isn't without it's flaws and Bryce Harper doesn't like hitting there. I've personally never hit at Camden Yards, nor could I even if they let me take BP. Harper didn't say the park wasn't beautiful or a great place to watch a game. He said it was a little dark and didn't like hitting there, and yet this becomes an article as to why this is a justification to boo Harper.

Let's put aside that this article is a homage to small sample sizes and irrelevant stats for a moment and focus on a small throw away line at the end of the first paragraph. One of the reasons to boo Harper is that the Nationals are trying to screw the Orioles out of money. If you are a person that believe Angelos and the Orioles are in the right then you're are as blind a homer as a Cardinals fan who thinks it was justified to hack the Astros or a Nationals fan who thinks the Lerners are right to not pay to keep the metro open. The ongoing MASN case is the Nationals trying to collect the money an arbitration panel ruled they were due when the MASN rights fees were renegotiated in 2010.

If we want to look at the MASN deal as a whole it is in no way a good deal for the Nationals and saying they are screwing the Orioles in it is like saying Albert Belle was a good signing. This might be the bill of goods Angelos sells to fans and if it is they're buying it. The Orioles are getting 70% of MASN revenue and whenever Matt Weiters or Chris Davis' names are brought up they cry poor. I guess they can't afford to pay their players with the Nationals reaching into their wallet and stealing money hand over fist. Meanwhile the Nationals are getting 30% of MASN revenues and were able to sign Max Scherzer. The Nationals aren't the only ones being screwed in the MASN deal and the Orioles are indeed being screwed, by Peter Angelos.

Elsewhere on this Orioles sight Nationals fans are referred to as either turncoats or bandwagon fans because of course everyone in the DC area was once an Orioles fan or not a fan of baseball at all. The funny thing about this site is they take a lot of shots at the Nationals and Nats fans. It really feeds into the inferiority complex of Baltimore to continue to do this, don't you think? As for the turncoat thing I have to admit I was once an Orioles fan but I stopped being one long before the Nats came to town. There was once a pitcher named Mike Mussina that pitched for the Orioles and he was enjoyable to watch. He could carve up lineups with the best of them. He threw six different pitches, could locate all of them, and had an interesting way of checking the runner on first. In many ways Max Scherzer reminds me of watching Mike Mussina.

Mike Mussina was fun to watch and was going to be a free agent. He said he wanted to stay with the Orioles and as I was young and didn't understand free agent speak I believed him. He even went as far to say he'd accept any contract the Orioles offered him, but they chose not to offer him a contract. The New York Yankees did, and Mike Mussina went up 95 to the division rival and I had no reason left to watch the Orioles. As bad as Dan Snyder was with the local football team Peter Angelos was just as bad with the adopted local baseball team, and I only have enough room in my life for one terrible owner.

After Mussina left I continued to watch the Orioles, but not to cheer for them. No. They let my favorite player walk and I wanted to see them burn. Years later when the Nationals moved to town I had an opening for a new baseball team. Especially one from my real hometown and not some random city up 95. But really you Orioles fans don't have to worry about us, there are no real baseball fans in DC after all.

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