Good Morning Natstown 7/16/15

Today we discuss the trappings of the all-star game because there still isn't baseball.

The fact that MLB's Franchise Four was just one big commercial for what looks to be another sub par Fantastic Four movie should annoy people more than four Expos being selected as the Nationals Franchise Four. Don't get me wrong I don't think the Expos history should be attached to the Nationals. The Baltimore Orioles don't honor the St. Louis Browns, the New York Yankees don't pay homage to the original Baltimore Orioles, Connie Mack is the greatest manager of all time and there's no statue of him in Oakland, and where was Christy Matthewson for the Giants franchise four. DC baseball history is trapped with the Twins and Rangers and it's a shame.

Other sports have figured out ways around this. When the Browns moved to Baltimore the history of that franchise stayed in Cleveland and when the expansion Browns were formed the city got to keep their history. No one really wants to honor the Houston Oilers but I'm sure if someone did it would be the Texans and not the Titans. There is precedent for the history of a franchise staying in a city and being passed to a new franchise. It now looks like only a matter of time until Montreal gets a new baseball team and they should be able to honor the past of the Expos without it being trapped in a different city like the history of the Senators is trapped in Minnesota and Texas.

A look back at the Nats original Ace, John Lannan.

Bryce Harper is a superhero.

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