Good Morning Natstown 7/20/15

Eleven days until the trade deadline and all answers are revealed.

The Dodgers series over the weekend showed the Nats their weaknesses. If the Nationals hope to win a World Series they are going to have to beat the Dodgers or a team just as good as the Dodgers. Playing in the weakest division in baseball gives a false sense of what it means to be one of the best teams in baseball. The Nats have a lot of injuries but think about the players coming back. Rendon is a number two or three hitter, Jayson Werth with the wrist injury should be batting first or second, Denard Span is the lead-off hitter, and Ryan Zimmerman if he's fully healthy and hits to his career norms would make a good number five hitter.

We don't know what type of Ryan Zimmerman the Nationals are going to get back. His injury isn't one that gets better. It can be dealt with and as we've seen with Nene in this town sometimes the way of dealing with it is to limit playing time. After Bryce Harper the Nationals line-up is going to fall off a cliff. It would be nice to add a player with a little more power to the Nationals line-up to bat behind Harper. Someone that can make teams pay for intentionally walking him. If Ryan Zimmerman is the Ryan Zimmerman of old then he can be that player, but that isn't likely to be the case.

With the addition of the second wild card a few teams are still deciding who they are and that causes doubt about which players will be available, and every time I try to think of a player that would fit with the Nationals in a rotation type scenario either on the infield or in the outfield I get stuck. Perhaps the answer isn't at the traditional power spots. Perhaps the Nationals should look to upgrading at catcher or moving Desmond to clear a spot on the 25 man roster for Trea Turner, or both and take little upgrades over the one big one. Only time can answer the question of what Mike Rizzo and the Nats will do.

Limiting walks is a way to improve for even great pitchers.

Bill Miller's strike zone angered Bryce Harper.

Nats calling up Abel De Los Santos.

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