Good Morning Natstown 7/21/15

Matt Harvey isn't Kershaw or Greinke and the Mets aren't the Dodgers.

Thomas Boswell unleashed a bombshell in his chat yesterday that the Reds don't want middle infielders or starting pitchers for Aroldis Chapman and will only accept a big bat outfield bat. Unlike Boswell this to me doesn't mean the Nats can't get Chapman it just means they have to either do a three team deal or his source is wrong. I tend to go with the latter here because the Reds are trading multiple players and why would they limit themselves to one type of prospect for each. When it is all said and done and Marlon Byrd, Jay Bruce, Mike Leake, Johnny Cueto, and Aroldis Chapman are all wearing a different uniform the Reds are going to need outfielders, middle infielders, and pitching. Why would they not take any of that for any of the players they're trading?

We saw Kevin Towers of the Diamondbacks only able to trade third baseman, shortstops, and starting pitchers for each either in a constant cycle of digging a new hole to fill a hole. Being only willing to trade Chapman for an outfielder, Cueto for starting pitching, and Bruce for middle infield would be a new type of bad GMing. The Nats could offer the Reds Lucas Giolito and Trea Turner for Chapman but it won't be accepted because they're not outfielders. I would understand this far more if Chapman were the only player the Reds were set to trade and they were closer to contention, but he isn't and they're not. Right now they need talent and as much of it as they can get. A good package of any of the Reds needs should net a team Chapman or Walt Jockety lost his mind when he left the Cardinals.

In other news Matt Harvey is now Stephen Strasburg. A lot of Mets fans made the trip down from New York to watch the game last night and I heard similar complaints about Harvey as we hear about Strasburg. It's a very interesting development when the media pumps a player up to astronomical proportions and then suddenly they are only excellent. What do people really expect of these starting pitchers that are hyped like this? Clayton Kershaw might be one of the best starting pitchers of all time. It isn't fair to expect a young pitcher to be that good or to compare them to him but that is the expectation with both Strasburg and Harvey and it is completely unfair.

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