Good Morning Natstown 7/27/15

Only four days until the trade deadline and we finally learn the truth.

Since Thursday there has been at least one trade every day but never more than two. It gives us something to talk about but it is far from active. Hopefully as the 31st creeps closer there is a flurry of activity. Rumors state that Tyler Clippard could be traded today. It could be back to the Nationals or it could be somewhere else. What we know about the Nationals is that they've been linked to pretty much any available back of the bullpen arm out there. Rizzo is calling around and the fact that none of them have been moved yet leads me to believe that the price isn't low enough and GMs are waiting for it to fall.

The Nationals have yet to make a major trade at the deadline but that is more the situations they've been in. In 2012 the team didn't really need anything, in 2013 they were so many games out it was useless to make a trade, and in 2014 they again didn't need anything and only added Cabrera because of injuries. This is the first time since the Nats have been contenders that they have such a glaring and obvious need. The Nats bullpen is not good enough for the playoffs and it is only good enough to get them through the regular season because they play in the NL East.

Series against the Dodgers and the Pirates showed the Nats what they are going to face in the playoffs and that as currently constructed they aren't good enough. They are going to get some bats back from the disabled list shortly and Rendon already returned this weekend, but Craig Stammen isn't coming off the DL and David Carpenter has shoulder issues. The only way the Nats bullpen is improving is if they make a trade, and unless it's Tyler Clippard it looks like we might have to wait for Friday.

And now my computer has decided it wants to be too slow for me to find the links I was going to put here. I apologize for the issue but I will tell you that I am not sure I had anything saved from over the weekend since I went to Baltimore Saturday night and down to Harrisonburg yesterday. This also may not post if the internet isn't working but who knows. If you do want Nats links just Google Washington Nationals and the ones I was going to to put here will be there. Again I apologize for the inconvenience and hope you enjoy the rest of your day.

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