Good Morning Natstown 7/28/15

The rumor mill is heating up and the Nats could be hot and heavy on Craig Kimbrel.

Late last night Troy Tulowitzki was traded to the Blue Jays for Jose Reyes and a couple of prospects. I don't know much about the prospects in the deal but Tulowitzki was on a short list of players I'd have been fine with the Nats trading Giolito for. The Nats believe strongly in Trea Turner and as soon as September we're going to start seeing if that belief is founded.

While Tulowitzki would've been fun to have it isn't what the Nats really need. They need bullpen help and they are going after the big names. Reports came out last night that the Nats are the hottest on Kimbrel which I assume means Rizzo and Preller are talking a lot. I don't even know why Preller would talk to Rizzo at this point. This is like inviting a former friend that stole money from you over for dinner. Preller lost out the last time he dealt with Mike Rizzo and he's already been told he isn't getting Trea Turner back for Kimbrel.

We only have a few days left until the deadline and we know the Nationals have inquired about both Chapman and Kimbrel. The most fun thing would be if the Nationals ended up with both. That would be one hell of a bullpen. It would take pressure off the starting pitchers and the opposing offenses would know they have to beat the Nats before the seventh inning because then they're facing Storen, Chapman, Kimbrel. There is little chance it actually happens but that would just be fun.

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