Good Morning Natstown 7/29/15

The Nats made a move and improved their biggest area of need.

Jonathan Papelbon is a Washington Nationals reliever and that means Drew Storen is now the set-up man. This was met by fans with some distrust as the last time Drew Storen was pushed from the closers role it didn't work out too well. Drew Storen failed as a seventh inning guy and Rafael Soriano never caught on with fans. Papelbon is a little different. He and Storen have similar numbers on the season and it really didn't matter which one closed or set-up. The Nats just needed more good relievers. They could probably use another reliever and some bench bats before the deadline comes, but we will see what Rizzo does.

One of the more interest parts of the trade process was watching some people, including professional sports talkers, struggle to understand how a trade for a closer helps the rest of the bullpen. With Drew Storen pushed to the eighth inning the set-up man de jour is gone and Thornton and Janssen can split the seventh inning based on match-ups. Then the soft underbelly of the bullpen is only going to enter the game if the Nats are behind or if the game is long into extras.

In all it looks like a good move. The Nats gave up a pitcher with back of the rotation potential for a closer for the next two seasons. With the Nationals current bevy of pitching prospects it was doubtful the Pivetta had a place with the team and going to the Phillies gives him a lot more opportunity to reach the majors. This looks like a move that made the Nats better now at zero cost to the future making it a good move.

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