Good Morning Natstown 8/5/15

The Nats were comfortably in first place the last time I wrote one of these.

I feel as if I've neglected you. Work has been so busy of late that I just didn't have time to write much and now things are returning to normal. The Nats have not returned to normal, unless you count their 2007-2010 selves as normal. The Nats since the All-Star Break have not played good baseball. They've got Werth, Zimmerman, and Rendon back healthy but they don't yet have their timing back and Desmond and Ramos are still struggling. Ramos drove in the go ahead run last evening but for the most part he's gotten a pass from fans and I wonder if Desmond would as well if he wasn't at the end of his deal with the Nationals.

I'm not going to debate people's right to boo here and I believe that at the least Desmond should sit a couple days a week for Danny Espinosa to play if not benched outright for Trea Turner, but Ian Desmond over the last three seasons is one of the main reasons for the Nats success. Most people aren't going to care about the off the field person, but from all account Ian Desmond is a fantastic human being more importantly to us he's been the best shortstop in baseball over the past three seasons. Players with Desmond's profile age poorly and it could be that Desmond lost the battle to father time quicker than anyone expected. He probably shouldn't be seeing as much playing time but he also doesn't deserve the hostility a lot of fans have towards him.

I believe the Nats are a better team than the Mets and that Anthony Rendon is better than any player that was traded at the deadline. It's only a matter of time until the Nats get on a hot streak. They need some other guys in the line-up to step up. Ryan Zimmerman has looked good over the last two games and Ramos and Desmond have the ability to be good offensive players somewhere inside of them. Werth is a valuable line-up piece even when he isn't hitting because he sees so many pitches and can kill a pitch count with one at bat. This team has what it takes to be great. They just need to start doing it on the field.

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