Good Morning Natstown 8/11/15

The Nats may have been on past our bedtime but any win is a good win.

A lot of us could use a break from how the Nats were playing of late and a west coast road trip is as good an excuse as any. The Nats needed that start out of Gio Gonzalez last night. Even Max Scherzer has been pedestrian of late and the Nats rotation has not been their strength. With any luck Gio Gonzalez's start will be a string of good starts by the Nationals. In other good new Ian Desmond had a monster night at the plate. Maybe he has found his stroke and can be the Ian Desmond of the last three seasons instead of the one from most of this season. Getting good starting pitching and having more than just Bryce Harper in the line-up would be two developments that would help the Nats very much down the stretch.

With the Nats on the west coast a few people are going to skip out on watching them. I'm going to be skipping out on watching the Nats on TV for the rest of the season due to DirecTV's incompetent technicians. A few weeks ago one of the big storms in the are knocked my satellite dish out of alignment and then I tried to realign it myself only making it worse. The technicians that came didn't seem to want to do any work and just took pictures of the trees in my backyard. I informed them that those trees were not only there for the full five years I had the dish but also had been trimmed last year so were in fact smaller than they'd been before. They seemed to very much not understand that things worked fine just a few weeks ago and could only complain about the tree so I ended up canceling the service and on the bright side won't have to pay any fees due to their incompetence.

Baseball players need to know who to listen to.

Stephen Strasburg isn't enough to save the Nats rotation.

The west coast swing comes at a bad time.

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