Q&A with Dee Brown

CapitolDugout.com sits down with Dee Brown to talk about his tremendous professional debut in 2005, what he thinks about playing with college teammate John Howell in the Nationals' organization, what he thinks his strengths are on a baseball field, which of his Vermont teammates he believes have the highest upsides, and a whole lot more in this Q&A session.

CapitolDugout.com: Dee, talk about your playing days in college at the University of Central Florida. What was it like?

Dee Brown: It was worth it, playing at Central Florida. It was what I expected and more, a good four years. I played football for three years and baseball for four years.

CapitolDugout: What position do you play in football? And what made you to decide playing baseball over football?

Brown: I thought there was a better opportunity for me in baseball. Playing football seemed to haunt me and hurt me as far as baseball. I played full back and running back for my UCF, but I think playing football didn't allow me to get drafted after my junior year. I'm not sure what teams and scouts were thinking. Maybe because my dad [former Philadelphia Eagles defensive lineman Jerome Brown] played in the NFL made them think I would pursue football. I wanted to focus on baseball my senior year to do the things I knew I was capable of. I just wanted to get stronger and faster for baseball.

CapitolDugout: Give us a scouting report on yourself. What type of player are you? What are your strengths and weaknesses on a baseball field?

Brown: I can hit for power, that would be my biggest strength. My defense is improving every game, but I'm still learning. My arm is not the best, but I think that comes from playing football all the time. I think another strength is that I'm faster than most people think I am. I can hit for average, but I need to learn more command of the strike zone. It was coming along in short-season this past year.

CapitolDugout: Is there a current player in the Major Leagues that you would compare your game to, so the fans have an idea of what your game is like?

Brown: I don't think I could answer that one. (laughing) I mean, if I compare myself to anyone in the Majors right now, I'd be there already. I just need to focus and improve myself and get to the bigs.

CapitolDugout: Do you have any goals for yourself heading into next season?

Brown: I just want to move up as fast as possible. I want to be playing on top of my game. Whatever gets me the fastest to the Major Leagues, that's what I'll do.

CapitolDugout: What is like being a part of the Nationals' organization?

Brown: So far it has been good. You can tell they are trying to improve and compete year in and year out. The talk around the organization is upbeat so we're all pretty excited.

CapitolDugout: In your opinion, among your Vermont teammates, which positional player do you think has the highest upside?

Brown: I'd say Francisco Plasencia, without a doubt. I mean, he's a real five-tool player. He can hit for average and power, steal bases, and he has a great arm. He plays all-around good defense. He can certainly play ball. I think of him as a young version of Carlos Beltran.

CapitolDugout: Among the Vermont pitchers, who in your opinion has the highest upside?

Brown: Carlos Martinez has some of the nastiest stuff I have ever seen. The problem with him is he usually didn't get any runs from us when he was pitching, or we would an error that would cost him a big inning. I know his stats weren't great, but just anybody from our team. They would tell you he's so good.

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