Q&A With Brendan Harris

New Orleans' Brendan Harris is your typical "do it all" infielder. He can play short, second, and third base (his "default" position). He can also hit the ball pretty well, as evidenced by his plus .300 batting average throughout most of the year for the Nationals' Triple-A affiliate.

Batting .340 through June 1, Brendan Harris forced the Nats' front office to give him another shot on manager Frank Robinson's National League club. He proceeded to go 7-for-24 with two doubles in 10 games with the Nationals in June before being sent back down earlier this month.

Capitol Dugout: You've been kind of going back and forth between the majors and Triple-A the past season and a half or so. What have you been working on since coming back to New Orleans?

Brendan Harris: Before I went up, I was hitting .330 and things were going pretty well. I'd say mostly I've been working on being more patient and shortening things up without trying to lose the extension on my swing.

Capitol Dugout: Playing for Frank Robinson as you have, how much has he helped your career?

Brendan Harris: You try not to get caught up in playing under one of the icons of the game, but he's been great. You learn a lot from him. He's seen more in his 50 years than a lot of people ever will. I tried to be around him as much as possible on the off chance that he'd sit down and open up about when he played or the situations he experienced. Being more of a younger guy, you like when he opens up. I've had some great experiences with him.

Capitol Dugout: You got some brief playing time behind the plate this year. Is that something the organization has overly talked to you about?

Brendan Harris: They brought it up. There was a situation where Robert Fick was hurt, so they kind of worked with me a little on being an emergency catcher just so I was comfortable back there where if they needed me, I could block some balls and be out on my own.

Capitol Dugout: You've been hitting pretty well at your home park here in New Orleans all season. Are you seeing the ball better here than at some of the other park's? This is traditionally a pitcher's ballpark.

Brendan Harris: The last two days haven't been that great, but like I said, I'm just trying to slow things down a little and work the count a little more so you're not always guessing.

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