Top Tools - Harrisburg

Here is a look at the top pitching, offensive and defensive tools from the Harrisburg Senators as we crown players with titles such as "Best Curveball", "Best Throwing Arm", "Best Power", and many more.

Offensive Honors

Best Hitter For Average: Kory Casto

Best Hitter For Power: Kory Casto

Best Plate Discipline: Kory Casto

Best Base Runner: Melvin Dorta

Best Raw Speed: Melvin Dorta

Best Athlete: Frank Diaz

Best Untapped Talent: Frank Diaz

Pitching Honors:

Deepest Repertoire: Matt Chico

Best Fastball For Starting Pitcher: Garrett Mock

Best Fastball For Relief Pitcher: Devin Perrin

Best Curveball: Garrett Mock

Best Changeup: Matt Chico

Best Control: Oscar Alvarez

Best Raw Arm: Garrett Mock

Defensive Honors:

Best Defensive Outfielder: Frank Diaz

Best Defensive Infielder: Greg Thissen

Best Defensive Catcher: Salomon Manriquez

Best Outfield Arm: Frank Diaz

Best Infield Arm: Frank Diaz

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