Dorta Does It All

COLUMBUS, OH - Whether he's playing at Double-A, Triple-A, or the major league level, Melvin Dorta can do it all.  Dorta split last season between Double-A Harrisburg, New Orleans, and the Washington Nationals.  Now Dorta plays for the Triple-A Columbus Clippers. 

Dorta made his major league debut on July 21, 2006 but a few days later got opted back down to Harrisburg.  A few more times at the major league level gave Dorta more experience and the longing to get back.

"The major leagues was awesome.  It was every baseball players' dream," Dorta told  "I was so glad to have been there, it was worth all the work for 9 years, working everyday, all day. It all came through and now I have to work hard to get back there."

Hitting is the main thing Dorta needs to concentrate on in order to return to the major leagues.  He knows that he needs to improve his batting average and only practicing everyday will help that.

"Well I don't know if it is a weakness or not but its something that I have to work on everyday and get better on and that's my hitting," Dorta stated. "That's what I want to improve and that's what I do in my everyday workout."

This year Dorta is trying to be more selective in his approach to the plate.  He is trying to get deeper in the count and get more walks. Last year, Dorta didn't strike out a lot but also didn't have many walks.  With his speed, and more walks, he can help the Columbus team a lot.

Dorta is beginning to find a rhythm at the plate too. After a cold start to the season, the weather is starting to warm up and so is his swing.

"Well it was really cold at the beginning of the season, especially when you're hands are freezing and your nose is running and everything but now I feel a little better since its getting warm," Dorta said. "I'm swinging the bat better the last two weeks and now I just got to stay there and just keep doing what I'm doing."

Dorta, being one of the younger guys, likes playing with a more veteran team.  He takes advantage of all the pointers and advice they give him. Even though he has had some experience himself, he feels he can learn a lot from his fellow teammates. 

"I tell them, anything you see, any little tip, anything that you can help me on, just let me know," Dorta said. "I'm one of the younger ones here and I will listen to anyone who can help and try to do better."

While Dorta continues to work on his hitting, his defense is in tip-top shape. He is a great versatile player for Columbus, having played all infield positions, except for catcher. He hopes that being able to play first, second, third, and shortstop will get him up to the major league sooner.

"It's been awesome, and it definitely gives me an edge and will probably help me get back up to the major leagues.  In the National League, the pitcher does a lot of hitting and they sometimes have a double switch.  If they need someone from the bench that can play anywhere, I can be that guy."

While Dorta loves baseball, his family and god come first.  He not only plays each game for himself but also for his loved ones, who can't be around.  He feels so blessed to have the chance to play baseball and pursue his dream at this level.

"Baseball is not everything, you have a life. I have a wife, and a beautiful kid, and this is just a gift," Dorta told us.  "Whatever god wants for me, whatever he thinks will be good, whether I make it back to the major leagues or stay here, I just go out and have fun and that's my priority." 

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