Draft Prospect Q&A: Cameron Robulack

As a Canadian player, left-hand hitting Cameron Robulack may not get quite the hype he deserves as a very strong draft prospect. However, the slugging Ontario native is drawing significant interest from teams as a 3rd to 5th round pick. We recently caught up with Robulack for a Q&A session.

Scout.com: First of all, how do you feel about how you've shown yourself this spring and basically what are your general thoughts on your performance?

Cameron Robulack: I've showed quite well. I had a good spring and our season started late since we are in Canada but since it's started I've done well.  

Scout.com: Compare yourself to last fall or last summer. How are you a different player and what have you improved in your game?

Cameron Robulack: I think the biggest difference in my game is maturity in all aspects, body development, size, hitting, hitting with power and mentally in my approach to the game.  

Scout.com: Looking ahead, what parts of your game would you like to improve on and how do you plan to do so?

Cameron Robulack: To become a major league I need to keep improving all aspects of my game, and this is done through hard work and determination.  

Scout.com: You're a player that has really flown under the radar so to speak, at least among media outlets. Do you like playing to exceed expectations and what are your thoughts on the expectations of you as a player?

Cameron Robulack: It's not a bad thing that every kid is not always seen by everyone, but to those that know me I've fullfilled the expectation of a good power hitter with a good average and alot of RBI. I understand that I have still alot of projectability and look forward to catching up with it.

Scout.com: How would you describe yourself as a hitter and what is your approach at the plate?

Cameron Robulack: I feel I am a tough out at the plate. I am a good power hitter and a big time run producer. I have equal success against right handed and left handed pitching and am always thinking of hitting the ball hard.  

Scout.com: If you had to compare yourself to a big leaguer player in terms of style, who would it be and why?

Cameron Robulack: Justin Morneau. I feel coming from Canada we play the same type of game and style of play. I am a big impact player who much like Morneau hits with alot of power, hits well for average and is the type of player that everyone doesn't want to face with base runners.  

Scout.com: What are your expectations of a pro career for you? In other words, how do you feel about possibly turning pro and what do you expect that experience would be like?

Cameron Robulack: I want to play pro ball. Baseball is my only focus and I will enjoy the opportunity to work at the sport I love to play everyday.  

Scout.com: Your known as a very good power hitting prospect. Where do you think that power comes from?

Cameron Robulack: Hard work, good coaching as a youth and my determination to be great.  

Scout.com: What are some of your major goals for the next 6 months?

Cameron Robulack: My goals is to have a great season and to keep taking strides to become a major leaguer.

Scout.com: What are your thoughts on going pro versus going to college?

Cameron Robulack: I love the game of baseball, want to play pro ball, and I play baseball to become a great major leaguer.

Scout.com: If there was something a pro scout may not notice about you just by watching you play, what would it be?

Cameron Robulack: My knowledge about the game of baseball.

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