Draft Report: The Elite Eight

Each year, there tends to be a group of players who seem to separate themselves from the rest of the pack as the top picks in the draft. While the order in which they are selected may be uncertain, eight players have all but cemented themselves as the top eight picks in the draft. That and much more in this edition of Draft Report.

Draft Notes

- David Price, Rick Porcello, Josh Vitters, Ross Detwiler, Matt Wieters, Mike Moustakas, Phillippe Aumont, Daniel Moskos. According to sources, those are the eight players who will make up the top eight picks in the draft. The order of those picks is obviously yet to be determined with any certainty. However, here are a few scenarios that could take place.

Scenario #1 Scenario #2 Scenario #3 Scenario #4
Devil Rays - David Price Devil Rays - David Price Devil Rays - David Price Devil Rays - David Price
Royals - Rick Porcello Royals - Rick Porcello Royals - Rick Porcello Royals - Rick Porcello
Cubs - Josh Vitters Cubs - Josh Vitters Cubs - Matt Wieters Cubs - Jarrod Parker
Pirates - Ross Detwiler Pirates - Matt Wieters Pirates - Josh Vitters Pirates - Josh Vitters
Orioles - Matt Wieters Orioles - Ross Detwiler Orioles - Ross Detwiler Orioles - Matt Wieters
Nationals - Mike Moustakas Nationals - Mike Moustakas Nationals - Mike Moustakas Nationals - Ross Detwiler
Brewers - Phillippe Aumont Brewers - Phillippe Aumont Brewers - Phillippe Aumont Brewers - Mike Moustakas
Rockies - Daniel Moskos Rockies - Daniel Moskos Rockies - Daniel Moskos Rockies - Phillippe Aumont

- According to reports, Rick Porcello had a shocking and by far the worst outing of his high school season last week. Sources say the consensus top high school pitching prospect surrendered 7 runs on 12 hits in front of dozens of scouts. How will this alter his draft status? It likely will change nothing, but it has certainly at least put some doubt in the minds of scouts about Porcello's competitiveness and overall makeup in the face of adversity. Porcello topped out at 95 MPH, however, so his stuff was still there.

- The future of Canadian righty may be all but set, at least in terms of the draft. According to a few high ranking scouts, Aumont has worked out a pre-draft deal with the Milwaukee Brewers. That deal of course would be meaningless if Aumont were to be nabbed before Milwaukee picks (7th overall), but it appears likely that he will be there and that he will be the team's top pick.

- Jack McGeary has been a disappointment to some scouts this spring, but he still is among the elite in the minds of others. The fact is someone who believes in his command and polish despite his less than overpowering fastball will need to overpay to get him. "McGeary is what he is," said one scout.  "Velocity is a question.  I've seen him sit at 86-88 MPH, then next outing 89-91 MPH.  That curveball is going to make him a consistent winner.  Changeup and command are also going to be above-average.  He reminds me of a young Andy Pettitte."

- It appears the somewhat inconsistent spring of Matt Dominguez in his senior year has done little to diminish his status as a top half of the first round pick. According to high ranking sources, the prep third baseman will not get past Toronto at pick 16 and is likely to go higher. "He has gold glove defense at 3rd base," reveals an area scout.  "Very good hands and bat speed with a somewhat unorthodox approach.  He's going to have to make some adjustments at the plate, but I love the way he plays the game. He's got a chance to be an all-star. The Diamondbacks, Rockies are interested. And he doesn't get by Toronto."

- Mike Moustakas' stock is flying so high of late that he just may now be the best prep hitter in the class in the eyes of some scouts. While Josh Vitters still gets the nod from many other scouts, the only thing that could keep the Chatsworth High School star out of the top six picks in the draft is signability. According to many high ranking scouts, his most likely landing place is with the Nationals, but if he gets past them he will likely slide to the Tigers or Yankees at the back of the first round.

- Word around the Pirates organization is that they are now very confident that they'll have their shot at the player they want the most, Josh Vitters. That would lead us to believe that the Cubs have now shifted their focus to either Jarrod Parker or Matt Wieters for the third overall pick.

- Matt Harvey seems to have finally been definitively slotted by the scouting community in terms of where he could be picked in the draft. Teams in the back end of the first round are expecting the talented prep righty to be available. "As far as Matt Harvey, I thought he struggled early in the spring especially with his command," said a scout who has seen Harvey on several occasions. "However, I feel he has come on strong as of late.  Once again, signability will probably make him slide to the back end of the first round."

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