Castro Brings Consistency To Clippers

Bernie Castro has provided the Triple-A Columbus Clippers with a consistent presence at the plate this season.  Batting .277, Castro has not made any big, outstanding plays but has continued to do well game after game for the Clippers.

After spending last season between New Orleans and the Washington Nationals, Castro joined the Columbus Clippers at the beginning of the season. He is one of the few players who has not been injured or has been moved around in the organization.

Castro has used this to his advantage and feels that it is has been beneficial to both his game and the team overall. Being with the Clippers all season has allowed him to get into a routine and has allowed him to help the team win some games.

"I think I bring my hard work to the team," Castro told "Everyday I go out and do my best and try to contribute to the team as much as possible and hope I can help win the game. I want the team to be able to depend on me and know I will do my best."

With a consistent hitter like Castro, one must wonder what his approach to the plate is. First off, Castro likes hitting against left handed pitchers. Even though his statistics are fairly even, Castro feels more comfortable with them and feels he has more control. He also has a very simple outlook when he steps up to bat and is even know to throw in his own little different hitting approach.

"When I get to the plate everyday, I make sure I'm relaxed. I try to be patient and wait for a good pitch." Castro said. "Sometimes I do this running swing; there is no name for it, but I start to run as I swing. The coaches hate when I do it but sometimes I feel that it helps me out."

Along with being consistent at the plate, Castro has been consistent in the infield and outfield. Normally, Castro plays second base for the Clippers, but has been know to play short stop, left field, and center field. Castro enjoys learning new positions, but says his favorite will always be 2nd base.

"I think these days a lot of players can play a variety of positions," Castro said. "I think it helps us, as players, be more versatile and able to play any position the major league teams might need filled. It also allows the coaches to switches players around so everyone gets playing time. So in the long run, it benefits us and the team overall."

Individual hard work along with team work are two things that Castro values very much. He is always looking for ways to help his team or improve his game. Castro's consistency has helped the Clippers so far this season and will hopefully continue to do so.

"For the rest of the season, I want to continue to play everyday and play hard. Hopefully, I can help the team win some games, get to the playoffs, and of course I'd love to get called up to the Nationals to help them out."

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