Magrane Doing It His Way

Jim Magrane started the season with the Double-A Harrisburg Senators but after only two months was called up to play for the Clippers. After settling in, he is proving to be a great advantage to the team.

Jim Magrane is no stranger to baseball. As nephew to former major leaguer Joe Magrane, Jim has been around the game his whole life. However, he has made a name for himself in baseball through his own style and success.

Magrane has been with the Clippers for almost a month and is 1-2 in three Triple-A starts this season. Despite his statistics, Magrane has still been a great presence on the mound for Columbus and is making adjustments to improve his game.

"When playing for Triple-A, you have to deal with more experienced hitters, most of them have major league experience," Magrane told "Coming from Double-A this season, it has been an adjustment I have had to make."

When it comes to Magrane's pitching style, he does not have a specific pitch that stands out. Instead, he is known to throw a number of different pitches in order to get an out, whether it is his floater, slider, or one of his other ones. While most pitchers depend on the speed, Magrane concentrates on location.

"If I had to describe my pitching style, I would say I'm more of a mechanics guy and not a speed guy," Magrane said. "I depend on the location of my pitches more than I do my speed. I'm already 28 years old, so my speed is pretty much the highest it will get, however, you can improve on your mechanics and location everyday."

Each day, Magrane says he practices a different pitch. Instead of practicing his speed, he focuses more on consistency. Magrane feels that consistency will be what gets him called up to the Washington Nationals.

"Consistency, consistency, consistency, I think that is what the major leagues look for the most," Magrane told us. "You can have a great, outstanding game, but unless you keep having good games, there is a slim chance of getting called up."

Another advantage Magrane has going for him is his hard work. He feels his hard work is important to his team's success along with his own. Magrane started out the season a little slower then he would have liked, however, through hard work and practice has been able to turn it around.

Magrane's style and work ethics have worked for him in the past and he hopes they will continue to bring him success. During the seven seasons Magrane has played baseball, he has helped two teams go all the way along with receiving a number of honors; such has Pitcher of the Year.

"I try very hard to contribute to my team and I hope I can do the same with Columbus this year. I love playing this game and there is nothing more satisfying than when your team wins it all. So while I'm in Columbus, I will do my part to help them win."

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