Langerhans Settles Into Nats Organization

Ryan Langerhans is a new face to both the Triple-A Columbus Clippers and the Washington Nationals organization this season. After spending his entire career with the Atlanta Braves organization, he found himself being traded twice in less than a week. Langerhans finally ended up in Washington and has fit in well with both the Nationals and their Triple-A team.

Langerhans has been associated with the Atlanta Braves since the beginning of his career. However, in late April, Langerhans found himself being traded to the Athletic A's. Then only a few days later, was traded to the Washington Nationals for outfielder Chris Snelling

"It was crazy. I have spent eight or nine years with the Braves organization and have never been traded so it was a different experience," Langerhans told "I think the first move to the A's was the hardest because I didn't know what to expect but then the next one to Washington was a little better because I knew the guys in D.C., I had either played against them or with them so it made the transition easier."

Despite all the moving around, Langerhans had managed to have a decent season with both the Nationals and the Clippers. The hardest adjustment Langerhans had to make when coming into a new organization was learning a few new rules and meeting new teammates. 

While Langerhans feels his performance could have been better while with the Nationals, he admits he has improved since he was sent down to Columbus. The main thing Langerhans has been concentrating on is his consistency. While he has done some positive things on defense and has had some big hits, he recognizes he needs to do that everyday, every game.

"I think I've done pretty well while in Columbus," Langerhans said. "I've gotten some good hits the last two or three games and have been swinging the bat pretty good and I feel like when I've been making outs. I've been hitting the ball hard and really that's all you can control."

Langerhans might not be the most outspoken leader on the team but he tries to lead by example. Whether good or bad plays, Langerhans hopes his teammate can learn from him and improve on their individual games.

"I try to be a positive influence and go out there and play hard everyday and every game," Langerhans stated. "I'm not a big rah-rah guy as far as leadership goes but I try to lead by example with my plays in the game. I play the game with a lot of passion and try to leave everything out on the field each night."

In the past, Langerhans has been able to do a little bit of everything. He is known for having a good eye at the plate, hitting with power, and getting on base. On the other side of the ball, Langerhans is known as one of the better outfielders in the league. He takes pride in his defense and feels that his ability to play a few different positions is just one of his strengths.

"I think being able to play all three outfield positions is one of my strengths because I think I can play them all pretty well," Langerhans said. "Also, I can play first base a little bit so that versatility is an advantage I have. Then when I get my swing going, I feel like I can contribute that to the team and can be counted on as a line drive hitter."

Out of the four positions Langerhans is able to play, he enjoys playing center field the most. He says it is because the center field position is in control of the outfield and has the best seat in the house when it comes to seeing the entire field and what is going on. While Langerhans might excel in his defense, he also has some weaknesses that he works on everyday.

  "I think sometimes I'm too aggressive at the plate," Langerhans told us. "Something I won't be having a good night swinging but I'll see a pitch that I like and go for it. Sometimes I do this early in the count when I should be waiting and getting comfortable at the plate instead of going for it."

Langerhans' time in Columbus has given him the chance to improve his swing. After 10 games for the Clippers, his swing is almost where he would like it to be. Langerhans is beginning to hit off the barrel of the bat which allows him to put the ball into play more often. Whether Langerhans has a good or bad day at the ball park, he tries to always be a positive person and player.

"I think my key to success is just staying positive through everything and not letting results on the field define who I am as a person," Langerhans said. "I like to think that I'm the kind of player that no matter if I'm batting 200 or 300, I come to the ball park everyday and be positive."

Even though the season is almost over with, Langerhans continues to work hard. Next year, he hopes he will be back up in the big leagues with the Nationals. He loved playing with the players up there and playing for Manny Acta. 

"Hopefully, at the beginning of next year, you will find me back in a Nationals uniform."

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