The GM Game

Face it, we all play The GM Game at some point in our baseball lives. "They ought to trade this guy for that guy," we say. Well, here's your chance to say it to a wider audience and possibly pick up a little something extra for your trouble.

There are trade proposals thrown around all the time. It happens sitting at the bar with your buddies, it happens in the media and it happens between Major League GMs. Now, it's happening on DC Baseball News.

We're looking for you to play the part of a Major League GM. Any GM. Maybe you're Brian Cashman looking to keep the Steinbrenners off your butt or maybe you're Pat Gillick in Philly looking for glory before you retire. Maybe, you're Jim Bowden looking to keep rumors of your demise off the internet. Be anyone you want and send us your proposal for a deal between the Nationals and another team. Tell us whether you're proposing the deal from the Nationals to another team or if you're proposing the deal to the Nationals; whichever way you do it, we'll take the other side and give our opinion on why the deal would or wouldn't work. And be sure to give us your opinion on why the deal works for both teams.

Plus, if we use your trade proposal for a story on DC Baseball News, you'll receive a complimentary 30 day premium subscription that will carry you past the July 31st Trade Deadline, so you can be on the inside of what actually happens in the majors.

Here's how to be a part of The GM Game:

  1. Send your proposal for a deal to You can either just send it as the text of the e-mail or as an attached .doc file.
  2. Be sure to include your full name and e-mail address as part of the e-mail, so we can get in touch with you. We will use only first names of our readers in the story.
  3. Be sure to tell us why this deal is a good one. Explain your thinking on why it works for both teams. Remember, you have to sell the idea to the other GM. You can even be creative and include a third team to make the deal work, if you want, but be sure to tell us why this should be a done deal.
  4. Watch for your proposal to be featured on DC Baseball News.

Not all proposals will be used and we will use only one proposal per e-mail address. Complimentary subscriptions will be available from the time your proposal is used on DCBN and can not be used at a later date or credited to an existing premium subscription. If duplicate proposals are submitted, DCBN reserves the right to choose between duplicate entries, based on the argument given by each entry. We may also use more than one proposal per story, with each entry used being awarded a complimentary subscription.

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