Broadway Stays Consistent At Columbus

Larry Broadway keeps putting up solid numbers in the minors, but hasn't been summoned to the majors; yet. Maybe the fact that he's so darned consistent is part of the problem.

"The problem that I see with Broadway, is that he doesn't stand out in any one area. If there's ever a guy that was too consistent, it's Larry Broadway," said a scout from an opposing team who caught up with the Columbus Clippers recently. "If there was one thing that you could point to where he was exceptional. Either huge power or hitting for a high average, I think people would come away with a different opinion on him [Broadway]. Of course, changing what he does could make him suffer in another area, so it's a tough call," continued the scout.

There's no denying that Larry Broadway is consistent. He's hit 13, 15 and 13 home runs in each of the last three seasons and is on a pace to hit in that same range again this season. He's a career .278 hitter, who is at .269 right now for Columbus. He doesn't miss many games and he's above average defensively at first base. He's even pitched in four games this season and has been consistent on the mound, giving up no runs in three of the four outings and just one run in a 2.2 inning outing in early June.

With all of his consistency, you have to wonder if the scout is right. Is Larry Broadway just too consistent? Not that there's anything wrong with hitting .278 or averaging 14 home runs a season, but it is true that none of those numbers really jump out at you. The 22 home runs that Broadway hit for Harrisburg in 2004 stood out much more than his current stretch of consistency. His combined .295 average at three different minor league levels in 2003 was more of a standout number. He's a good fielding first baseman, but with the exception of a few games in left field, he's only a first baseman, which doesn't help his cause any. Actually, when you look at Larry Broadway, the fact that he's been effective in four pitching attempts this season is something that could maybe standout for him as he strives to reach the majors. A guy who could deliver some solid - and yes, consistent - numbers off the bench and even step onto the mound for a club could be something useful.

In all honesty, Broadway does produce good numbers and there really isn't anything wrong with consistency. If you told a team that they could count on 15 home runs and a .278 average out of a player and get good defense from him, there are a lot of teams that would have an interest. With the trade deadline looming, the Nationals should remember that, especially since Dmitri Young has seen his name come up in more than a few trade rumors. If Young were to be dealt, giving the first base job to Broadway wouldn't be the worst way to go.

The Nationals might be wise to let Broadway pitch here and there to see if maybe he can standout on the mound. Move him around to a few other positions to see if he could handle himself at other spots on the diamond. They might find that there's something about Broadway that does stand out, after all.

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