Deadline Dealings: What We're Hearing

The Nationals don't have a lot of spare parts to deal, but that doesn't mean that they're taking trade week off. There are still some whispers of deals that could involve the Nationals.

Sometimes, there's a late entry into the trade sweepstakes and this year's hot entry could be Tim Redding. The 30 year old right-hander hit a bit of a wall in June, but has rebounded with a couple of good starts and threw eight impressive innings against San Francisco late last week. Redding is scheduled to pitch against Philadelphia's Jamie Moyer on Trade Deadline Eve and another strong outing in front of the scouts who will be assembled could result in a deal elsewhere for Redding and the Nationals. One of the teams in attendance will be the Colorado Rockies, who have sniffed around on Redding in the past and have rekindled their search for a starting pitcher. With the battle for Jarrod Washburn pretty mixed-up, the Rockies are looking at other options for their rotation and like the idea of Redding. The Yankees have reportedly pulled out of the mix on Washburn and could also be watching what Redding does against Philadelphia. And in fact, the guys on the other side of the field are also looking for pitching and might be interested in pulling off an inter-division deal to bring Redding (7-5, 3.98) to Philly.

Felipe Lopez may be just about given away at this point. With their deal that sent Jon Rauch to Arizona in exchange for Emilio Bonifacio, they have a young player they believe will be their future at second base and they're anxious to get him into the lineup. Lopez doesn't have a lot of value and he's not happy being on the bench, so the Nationals will look to move him elsewhere and could accept almost anything in exchange for him at this point. The odds of him being a National on Friday morning aren't very good.

Speaking of Rauch, the Nationals definitely moved too soon. Word is that Huston Street is off the market and that the Orioles have also pulled George Sherrill off the market, leaving teams to fight over scraps like Brian Fuentes and Arthur Rhodes. If the Nationals still had Rauch, he would be a much hotter commodity than he was at the time of the deal, just about two weeks ago. Add to that the fact that the Nats sold cheap anyway and they could have made a much better deal had they waited out the market.

The Nationals could still technically trade Johnny Estrada, but there isn't much of a market for him. He might have been Plan B, C or D for the Yankees, but they just picked up Ivan Rodriguez, so scratch them from having any interest in Estrada.

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