Deadline Dealings: zzzzzzzzzzzzz! in D.C.

There was a flurry of late potential for a move or two, but in the end, the deadline came and went without the Nationals making any moves.

There is always the chance that there is some under the radar deal that has been submitted to the commissioner, but hasn't yet been announced. Having said that, it doesn't appear that the Nationals have been able to do anything to improve their club and the deadline passed this afternoon without any key upgrades in the NL East.

The only real move to report is Arthur Rhodes coming to the Marlins to give them some left-handed help in the bullpen. Florida gave up 22 year old right-hander Gaby Hernandez to get Rhodes from the Mariners. There was some late interest in Nationals relievers Luis Ayala and Joel Hanrahan. Mets GM Omar Minaya called to ask about Ayala, who was always one of his favorites when he served as the Nationals general manager, but the two sides couldn't agree on a deal. There was also some interest from the White Sox in Joel Hanrahan, who took over as the club's closer when Jon Rauch was dealt to Arizona. Again though, the two sides failed to reach a deal before the deadline passed at 4:00 p.m. Eastern.

The ultimate prize, Manny Ramirez, wound up in Los Angeles. The Red Sox worked most of the day on a three-team deal with Florida and Pittsburgh, but ultimately, it wound up being the Pirates and Dodgers that made the deal work. Initially, it was reported that the Pirates had pulled out and had turned around and sent outfielder Jason Bay to the Tampa Bay Rays for two minor leaguers. As the deadline officially passed, only the folks at the commissioner's office knew if there had in fact been any deals finalized and nothing was announced until after the deadline, but the deal was in to the commissioner's office before the stroke of 4:00.

The biggest deal of the day was one of those that nobody had heard of until it happens - see, we told you to watch for one of those - and it sent Ken Griffey, Jr. to the Chicago White Sox for a pair of outfielders. Griffey waived his no-trade clause to head to Chicago. Griffey had been rumored to be on the market, but those rumors were seemingly dead over the past week or ten days and caught most people by surprise when the deal was announced.

The Phillies and Mets were both looking to improve their bullpens and looking for other key pieces to the puzzle, including a powerful outfielder, but both struck out. Atlanta decided that moving Mark Teixeira was enough for them and didn't make any further moves on Deadline Day.

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