Hoes Starts the Motor as Keys Win 9-3

Keys Win 9-3 Behind Hoes Five Hits and despite the Mummey injury

Orlando Gomez

On Mummey's condition

"He is in the hospital right now they are going to do X-rays and everything with his head and I imagine but I don't want to cross the line or anything but it will be however long the doctor says."

On the Injury impact

"When I got over there his eye was open and at the beginning he lost conscience a little bit and lost feeling in his left leg but after a few minutes he was getting his feeling back in his legs, talked to Pat and answered questions but really wasn't feeling it."

On team reaction and Miguel Abreu Grand Slam

"It's nice to see Miggy hit that grand slam. This is Miggy's second game in maybe 12 days and to see him coming through like that it is nice to see he is coming through and it was a great home run right there."

On what is in store for the outfield

"Well we are going to get Bumbry back."

On rotation of Hoes from second base to left field

"He is going to be rotating that way he is probably playing more in left field then second base especially with the shortage in the outfield. He was an All-American outfielder in high school. He enjoys playing the outfield too. I think he is more comfortable in left field he can relax and have fun."

L.J. Hoes

On Mummey and team play following injury

"Yea, yea, we did, we did, we really swung the bat well today Abreu had a big home run, Buck came in and swung the bat well. We got big two out hits, everyone came in and got big hits and made great contact and that's all you can ask for."

On your individual 5 hit performance

"Yea I mean I just had a great day sometimes you're just locked in. Felt good today at the plate saw the ball well and got good pitches to hit."

On the majority of his hits today going to the opposite field

"Yea just trying to relax I mean early in the season I was getting those kinds of hits I was trying to press the ball and hit it too hard. I was just trying to relax and just go back to my swing of hitting it to right field, so that is what I really wanted to focus on today. I mean the lefty out there today he didn't really throw it hard but was a pretty crafty guy trying to keep me off balance. I just wanted to stay back just try to see the ball as long as I could and drive it to right field."

On playing left field

"Not really a difference, I played center field in high school. Its pretty easy playing the outfield so its kind of a relief going back out there sometimes and just go out there and relax, not saying relax but it's a nice change of pace."

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