Townsend, Bullpen Give Keys 5th Straight Win

Keys win behind the home run from Townsend and the pitchers 3-1.

Orlando Gomez

On bullpen pitching great lately during now 5 game winning streak

"Outstanding, the bullpen has been outstanding. You got to have the pitching and play good defense and that has happened and it gives us a chance to win the close games. The bullpen has been great in that they went five innings yesterday and Tanaka came in today and went three innings. Nine innings the last two days and we are shutting the door which is really nice. The key is they are throwing strikes and keeping pitches down. That is what we need to expect out of them in order to win some games."

On Sean Gleason

"He is getting the ball down and its not about how hard you throw. I mean you can throw 100 MPH and everything but if you throw it high hitters can hit it 500 feet out of the ball park. Now he is keeping his pitches down and he is throwing his breaking ball for strikes. He threw a 3-2 curve ball for strike and when you build your confidence like that you can throw it for a strike and give your fastball life to you can have a pretty good chance to win."

On potential bullpen fatigue

"Right now it is still early in the season but later you expect most of the guys have a little bit of rest. The other night was really the only night with Moreau pitching four innings but we got guys with plenty of rest and I know one night we sacrificed but the longer the season you have your guys throwing 90 to 95 pitches we will be okay."

On Ryan O'Shea

"Well he didn't have the stuff he usually does but he battled and kept us in the game. He at least threw some breaking balls for strikes and that helps a lot. His location was a little better than I expected today."

On Tyler Townsend's go ahead home run

"He is swinging the bat well. I saw he hit a change up for a home run. Right now he is in a groove what I call it and he is swinging the bat well. He is getting his pitches and hitting them."

On potential of Townsend getting called up sooner rather than later if he stays hot at the plate

"I think for me that call would have to be from Baltimore but I don't think there is a time for rushing him to double-A. I think one whole year for the kid will be perfect for him because he can get 500 at bats. I don't think we need to push him or anything like that. Let him have a good year right now."

On Jacob Julius struggles at the plate

"He is pressing kind of a little bit. He is kind of lost at the plate a little bit. I saw he had a good batting practice and everything but you know the way he is swinging he is late and, but I trust Julius, the kid will come out and will start to swing the bat well."

On a potential sweep tomorrow against first place Wilmington

"We just got to go out and play the game we are playing right now. They got a pretty good ball club, good pitching. We are looking up and every time their pitching staff is making a mistake we are taking advantage of it. That's a good team though they don't make many mistakes and they do a lot of good stuff."

Sean Gleason

On the bullpen performance as of late

"We just kind of huddled up as a bullpen a couple days ago and just know that we do what we can. We want to make our mark because our starters are doing really well. We don't want to let them down and be the laughing stock. I like being the closer it's a good little rush and anytime I can get out there is good. It just worked out and we are going to keep pushing along and we can say a lot of good things out there."

On pitching success lately

"I don't know, just have gotten a little bit more timing and have been working out well. I have been throwing the ball well and keeping the ball down. The home runs were really tough on my ERA and everything but I'm having a pretty good run. I try not to walk anybody either because that hurts. I just try to keep working and hoping it will all pan out."

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