Keys in First Place after Series Sweep

Bobby Stevens' game winning bases loaded walk in 13th inning gives Keys 6th consecutive win

Bobby Stevens

On being Mothers day hero two out of the last three years

"I am a mother's day legend what can I say [laughing]. Nah, I didn't do much [Garabez] Rosa did most of the work today I was just there in that last at bat to come up with the walk."

On the four game sweep of Wilmington and to hold first place

"This is good, I mean tie breakers has us beating them so that's good and I mean we have Kenny Moreland coming out of the bullpen for us which is good thing for us, but yea this is huge."

Buck Britton

On four game sweep of Wilmington

"[Joking] Wilmington might as well just be the Lakers."

Orlando Gomez

On the walk off win in the 13th inning

"I thought it was a very exciting game for both teams. Lucky we came in with a win but it was a pretty good game. They played well and they had chances, we had our chances and we got the walk with the bases loaded at the time."

On the Keys quality at bats late in the game

"Yea, it was outstanding, they took pitches, didn't chase it and that puts a lot more pressure on the pitchers because they know that they aren't swinging at the bad pitches and they're trying to throw it out of the zone and you're swinging only at the good pitches. Good At bats, good at bats."

On pitching performance overall in 13 innings

"Pitching has been good, I mean they have scored what two runs in the last four games and pitchers only gave up 4 runs in six games. Bullpen gave up one run in the last 15 innings and that's encouraging you got guys in the bullpen and everything. Drake pitched well he had a good fastball today and he had 87 pitches in 6 innings. The last time I let him go 100 pitches. He probably could have pitched another inning but I didn't want to push him because its too early in the season."

On six game winning streak

"Well we have a day off tomorrow and go ahead and regroup and go up to Lynchburg. I mean they played really well against us when they were over here and they can swing the bat. We just need to stay close with them and continue to play the game we need to play. We do that we will be in pretty good shape."

Nick Haughian

On getting the win and pitching in 13th inning

"I was ready to go I will tell you that you know when you have that many innings ahead of you, you generally know your role. I was the long guy Blaine [Beatty] came down in the 11th and said hey Gleason is going to go one and your our long guy and then I would probably go until I couldn't. Absolutely it was a big win. Ill tell you that it was as stressful of a game that I haven't played in a long time [laughing]. I mean it was like holy cow this is exciting. I don't think I have every seen back to back innings where it was full count bases loaded 2 outs and the winning run I mean it was cool and exciting was glad to be a part of it of course. My inning wasn't the easiest either but we got through it."

On the unsuccessful squeeze attempts made by the Keys with the bases loaded in extra innings

"[Laughing], Ill tell you what this game gave you a little bit of everything didn't it? I forgot about that! I was sitting there thinking just put it down just put it down and at first I was like o no way he does it again but he tried it again I was like O my gosh, but it was cool like I said it was fun to watch and be a part of and we battled through. We have been hot lately and have been playing as a team pretty well and its fun to be a part of."

Michael Rooney

On getting the offense going

"I have been working on some things in batting practice lately trying to get some extra hitting in. I'm just seeing the ball well the last couple days so just get on base for those guys to drive me in."

On not playing every day

"Yea, I mean it's different coming from college and last year its just something I have to adjust to and when I get my opportunities just make the most of them and I have been trying to do that the last couple days."

On four game sweep of Wilmington and 6 straight wins overall

"Sweep is big! It is tough enough getting a three game sweep and getting a four game sweep especially against those guys it is definitely big for us and hopefully we carry the momentum through our off day and the series next week to Lynchburg."

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