Flacco, Abreu Power Keys to Victory

Michael Flacco's two run home run and Miguel Abreu's go ahead double top Keys over Salem 3-2

The Frederick Keys were held hit-less through the first five innings of the game but battled back to take three of four from the Salem Redsox 3-2.

Player quotes:

Jacob Julius:

On his two hit day at the plate

"It felt pretty good to help the team out today. The first five innings everyone was frustrated because we couldn't get a hit.

On getting no hit through the first five innings

"The first five innings were frustrating because we weren't able to get a hit. Steve [Bumbry] was able to do a nice job of breaking the ice there; helped everybody relax.

His assessment of why team was hit-less through five innings

"I honestly have no idea. I think he was doing a good job of working both sides of the plate and keeping everyone off balance; just got to give him credit."

On what it means to come back from being no hit through half the game to win

"You got to give our guys credit for staying in the game not giving up and being able to battle back."

On Flacco Home run to tie it

"When Flacco hit that home run there was a huge sigh of relief to get the runs to tie it up. We knew two runs was not that big a deal. We knew we were capable of it it was just a matter of going out and doing it. I think that put a whole knew ball game up there at that point. We were able to get it done."

Michael Flacco:

On home run to tie the game

"It was exciting, first home run up here it was exciting. It was a pitch up and in I kind of missed it a little bit, wasn't sure if it was going out but it went out and I was pretty pumped."

On surviving first five innings and coming out with the win

"We have had great pitching and getting timely hits. We got a huge hit in the 8th to take the lead and win the game."

On Keys' starter Haughian's performance and bullpen keeping team in game

"Since I have come I don't want to jinx them or anything but they have just been on fire; shutting everybody down. Haughian worked a lot of full counts today that's why he had to come out earlier then he would have probably liked to. He was out there battling though mixing up pitches really well. He gave up two runs which is like the most in a week it feels like."

Nick Haughian:

On getting the team win today

"That's most important yeah absolutely. It wasn't exactly the way I wanted it to go on my end but the team battled well with the defense as good as usual. We were able to stick it out and win the game."

On own performance today

"I didn't do as well as I normally would do. My fastball was alright I thought but I didn't throw my secondary stuff as well as what I would have liked. I think they began to sit on my fastball.

Did it feel weird to give up an earned run after the 38 inning scoreless streak ended recently?

"Well it doesn't feel good it never does but I mean its how the game works.. You cant expect to never give up a run."

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