Q&A with Orioles 2nd Rd Pick Branden Kline

We sat down with Orioles 2nd round draft pick, RHP Branden Kline from UVA.

Branden Kline, RHP-Selected 65th overall (2nd round)

What were you doing when you found out you that you had been selected by the Baltimore Orioles and how did they let you know?

I was actually sitting and watching the draft on MLB.com and I kind of heard it and then I wasn't to sure and they said it again and my heart kind of stopped. I am very thankful for the Orioles. It will be amazing to join the organization. Shortly after that I got a call from one of the scouts congratulating me and saying that they picked me and they are excited about me joining the Oriole family.

When you were a senior you got picked in the 6th round and you chose college. Do you feel like you got the best of both worlds, you got to play college ball and get drafter higher?

If I would have went higher in high school, I would not have went to college, but it was a great opportunity for me to be here at UVA. I told my mom that I was going to come here and get my degree. I have loved every minute that I have been in this institution. It is a great academic school and of course the baseball program is one of the top in the country and I have made some of my best friends fro the rest of my life here.

What does it mean to you to get picked in the 2nd round but also as a Maryland native, to be picked by the O's.

It is actually really cool. Not only is it a great opportunity for me to grow professionally, but my parents are also diehard Baltimore Oriole fans and it is nice to know that they can come to any of the games no matter where I am at and support me on the field.

Were you an Orioles fan as well?

Growing up, I was actually a Red Sox fan. It figures that out of high school I get picked by the Red Sox, turn it down and then get picked by the O's. My parents are diehard Orioles fans and to just add a little rivalry in the Kline house I picked the Red Sox. I am very thankful though for the Orioles organization picking me so high.

When you were coming out of HS you came on your senior year and gained a lot of steam. How much different was being drafted this year as opposed to HS.

It was definitely different. Over the past three years, just the hard work that this program is built on and players being held accountable was huge. I got to work with some of the best coaches in the country and lucky with all the hard work and determination I was able to improve year by year. I guess I am more prepared now then I was in HS.

Do you have any idea if the orioles want you as a starting pitcher or as a reliever?

I have no idea. Right now I am just enjoying the day with my teammates and the other guys that got drafted.

Did you have a chance to talk to Tyler Wilson (UVA alum and player in O's prospect)?

I actually did. He was the first person who left me a voicemail. He was ecstatic. He was one of my best friends when I stepped on this campus. He is doing really well this year in Frederick, my hometown, and I am just really excited bout being part of the organization that has him in there.

Did you ever dream of pitching in the Orioles organization since all the affiliates are so close?

Definitely when I was younger going to games at Camden Yards I did. But when I got to UVA, the dream was more pitching in the big leagues.

In terms of pro potential, you have had experience at UVA as a starter and reliever, do you think you can have as equal an impact in either role as a pro?

There are always ups and downs of pitching. I am open to going with whatever the Orioles organization feels is best for them and me.

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