Frankie Piliere's Take On O's Draft Class

Former scout Frankie Piliere gives his analysis on the Orioles 2012 MLB draft.

I know you did a scouting report on the Orioles first round pick, Kevin Gausman, but can you tell me a little bit more about the type of player that the O's got with him?

- His stuff and polish should tell us that he's going to move up quickly. I think the only thing you can really question is how pinpoint his command is going to be at the next level. Obviously the raw stuff is just fantastic, but he's going to have to stay consistent with his delivery. I think you're looking at an outstanding number two starter with him.

Who do you think has the potential to move through the system quicker, him or Bundy?

- I think Bundy will continue to move quickly. As good as Gausman is, it looks more and more like Bundy is just going to be special. Even being the high schooler of the two I fully expect a rapid ascent to the big leagues for him.

2nd round pick Branden Kline was both a starter and a reliever at UVA, what do you project him to be in the Orioles organization?

- I'd keep him as a starter, at least at first. I think he's a middle of the rotation type guy, or he does have the option to pitch near the back of the bullpen if that doesn't pan out. Not the electric stuff of a guy like Gausman but very well rounded talent.

The Orioles 3rd round pick, Adrian Marin, is the second high profile high school shortstop out of Florida the Orioles have drafted in the last two years.  Obviously with less fanfare than Machado, what can you tell us about Marin?

- This kid is an athlete, and an athlete that I think is really going to swing the bat. I saw him a lot on the summer showcase circuit last summer and came away very impressed with his hit tool. He's not a huge guy, but there's some pop in there as well.

How would you assess the Orioles first twenty rounds of the draft?

- I think they played it fairly safe. I can't blame them in a year like this with the new rules in place. A lot of clubs did the same. I like what they did at the top, but I don't like there's a ton of upside with the later picks.

Is there a sleeper in the Orioles draft, and if so who?

- I'm not sure he qualifies as a sleeper but I really like Lex Rutledge's arm. He has a big league breaking ball. It's a well above average pitch and he pitches around 90-91 as well.

Overall, how would you rate the Orioles draft?

- What they did at the top is exactly what they should have done. Beyond that, I think they landed some potential solid everyday regulars. Is it an earth shattering class? No, but this was not a tremendous overall crop this year either.

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