One-on-One with Nicky Delmonico

ITO caught up with Delmarva Shorebird Nicky Delmonico.

Delmonico was drafted out of Farragut HS in Tennessee in the 6th round of the 2011 draft. He signed with the Orioles and received a $1.5 million signing bonus

In his first season as a professional, Nick Delmonico is putting his stamp on the Shorebirds. He is hitting .256 with 8 homers and a team high 49 RBI.

Interview with hitting coach Einar Diaz:

What do you think about Nick's (Delmonico) performance for this season?

He's doing really well.  Much better than earlier in the season.  He's

a guy that hit the ball from and to anywhere and can make great


What are some things he thinks he does really well, and what does he

need to work on?

He really just needs to keep swinging.  Nick's a guy that is sometimes

a bit too patient but he's been doing a lot better lately and that

will help him move up.

Do you have anything to say about Nick growing up around baseball?

Well, you can tell he knows the game.  You can just see the way he

reacts to plays that he's been around the sport.

Interview with Shorebirds 1st baseman Nicky Delmonico:

Anything to say about that homerun in the top of the first?

It was great, we had a really strong offensive performance yesterday

and it was great to keep the momentum going.  After that we continued

to hit well throughout the game.

What's the biggest difference been since high school?

It's a real grind, in high school you play then you have a couple days

off.  It's a mental grind and you have to be able to play hard each

pitch; each at bat.  To be able to play through errors and

strike-outs, that's really important.

What's the biggest difference between aluminum and wood?

Getting jammed.  But I played three summers in a wood bat league so I

was kind of used to it.

You're listed as a 3rd baseman but you play half of your games at 1st

do you see yourself going back?

I don't really know right now.  They just put me where they want me,

and right now, especially with my knee they want me at first.

How is the knee feeling, do you have any effects from it?

They said I can't do anything worse to it.  So I'm just playing with a

brace, grinding it out.

Your April started slow but you had a very strong May, was there

anything you changed? What was your key to success?

Finding a routine.  Getting up every morning, eating the same, taking

the same approach.  This was my first year playing every day.  I found

my groove in May.  Our hitting coach came in and helped me narrow down

my swing and that really helped.  I was starting to get a little wide.

Can you talk about coming from a baseball family?  Does that help on the field?

Yeah, it's a big help.  I grew up as a bat-boy.  I saw how guys

succeeded.  I saw their grind and that kind of helped me work through

mine.  I went on the road with my dad every game.

What did you work on the off-season most?

Just getting stronger, getting faster.  All around.  I had a

checklist, stuff I needed work on and I constantly was on it.

What kind of player would you say you are?

I'd say I'm a contact guy.  I like to hit the gaps.

What was it like to be named to the SALLY All-Star game?  What was it like to

be named MVP?

It was incredible, on that big of a stage.  It's just such an honor to

be mentioned my first year in.  And I got to play in front of my

family and that was really important to me.  They haven't been able to

see me play much lately.  I was surrounded by excellent athletes.

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